Interview with Dakotah Cain

Dakotah talked about his friends, his brother, and his work life. He elaborated on the lessons he learned while working at target and the gym, as well as different challenges he has faced and he finished the interview with discussing...

Master Opal’s Story
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Justin Clark’s instructor, Master Opal Harbert, shares her story. She explains how she got up to this point, how she progressed, and her tactics on teaching kids in need.

Part one of Interview for RRS 110

Unfortunately, someone called me in the middle of my interview and it cut off the recording so I will be posting a part two. We talked a lot about fitness and nutrition because that is what interests me a lot....

Barbara Fried and Leigh Sato

Longtime family friends Barbara Fried (87) and Leigh Sato (61) discuss the founding of Innisfree Village and how its challenges, ideals, and opportunities have evolved over time.

Interview Practice

Leanne talks fitness, and how beneficial it can be.

Talking Fitnes with JoseyLifts

I'm joined with my friend Jose and talk about how he got into fitness.

interviewing my mom about her life, childhood and wishes for me and my kids

I interviewed Renae Sieling in Madison WI, on December 1st 2019. She talked about her relationship with Brian Outhouse and her hope in dreams for her child, Me Gloria Outhouse-Sieling. she talks about her childhood with her parents and her...

Lawrence Meisel and Chris Krieger

One Small Step conversation partners Lawrence Meisel (71) and Chris Krieger (53) have a wide-ranging conversation about their lives and beliefs, finding connection despite initial political differences.

Erin DeMarines and Brandie McCallum

Friends Erin DeMarines [no age given] and Brandie McCallum [no age given] share a conversation about plant-based eating, fitness, health, nutrition, and the business that Erin started.

Robert Belley and Alicia Azulay

Spouses Robert Belley (42) and Alicia Azulay (40) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, the coronavirus pandemic, and the current state of politics in the US.

"Let's start with breakfast."
September 16, 2019 App Interview

Bill Linaker speaks to Kona Historical Society during a Kupuna Health & Wellness Outreach Event at the Regency Hualalai, September 15, 2019.