Having a brother with Autism.

In this interview, I asked questions of Nicolas Faucette. Nicolas is a younger sibling of CJ who has Autism. We are being to see his insight of what it is like to be a sibling of a child with special...

Life Lessons with Chan pt.2

We talked about what accomplishments made Chandler feel proudest personally and professionally. Setting goals for one’s lifetime, the next five years, and the next sixty days is what really helped Chan manifest and accomplish his dreams. He gave me advice...

Grampa’s Stories
December 9, 2018 App Interview

My Grandpa talks about his work life, his travel life, and his future life goals.

Interview with Jorge Jane (my brother)

I asked Jorge (my brother) questions on his hopes for the future, his favorite family memories, and questions on our relationship

Leo aguilera and his Step Dad Ricardo Trejo talk about personal experiences Mr. Trejo has gone through.

In this interview conducted on November 2017 in Lakeway, Tx, Leo Aguilera (17) interviews his step dad Ricardo Trejo (42) about his childhood, personal experiences, and goals in life. Mr. Trejo shares stories about his personal love life and things...

Interpersonal Discussion Interview

Once a week, usually Mondays, my mother has her cleaning lady, Cheryl, come and clean her house. On those Mondays when Cheryl is scheduled to be there, we usually exchange a friendly hello and smile, she continues cleaning and I...

Leslie’s interview

A few questions asked to my sister.

Storytelling Assignment
November 22, 2020 App Interview

Interviewing my dad and learning new things about him, and let him know how much I appreciate him.

Trail 1

We talked about what was held for her future and how she’s connected with family and how she has goals and she’s been staying on track during this hectic pandemic

A conversation with Jackson Spires

Jackson and I talked about all kinds of things! From vacations to his career to goals and even a note to his great great grandchildren

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Christine S.

10 Thought Provoking questions answered by my grandmother following our Thanksgiving meal.

The Little Things

Me and my brother discuss our past, present, and futures and overall give an introspective look at the course of our lives in general.

Nelson Isaac peer interview 11/27/23

we talked about his Goals for the future and what motivates him to reach those goals

Who I am….Julie chavez

Talking about the ideas and plans Julie has in her life

Obstacles a young mom has to go through

In this interview, conducted in April 2019 in Reseda , California. Damaris Huanosta interviews her older sister Ana Huanosta about her life as a teen mom. Ana Huanosta shares her experience on the obstacles she had to go through to...

What is your purpose?

Me (Odin Werle) and my father (Michall Werle) ask each other questions and learn a little about each other and what we have done and also what we hope to do in the future.

A Talk With My Dad
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My dad recalls his father's best advice to him and what he would say to his father if he was still here with us.

Lea Haravon-Collins talks her goals

Lea Haravon-Collins talks about her experience with goals and love.

A raisin in the sun

We talked about family and goals. All questions were based around the movie raisin in the sun.

Dr. Chin’s Prescription for Life

Discussed the challenges overcoming an extreme bike injury, and hopes and dreams for his children.