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interview with mela

Mela and I talked about her goals and personality.

Tomazia Interview

Tomazia and I talked more about her life and I got to know her better through this interview

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Talking with my mother about her life and her wants for me. I am a 16 year old in Indiana living with my 47 year old mother.

Recording – 12-01-2023 09:11:42

En esta entrevista estare platicando con dos de mis mejores amigos,sobre las cosas que les gustan ,de como puedo dejar de ser timido y como es nuestra amistad.

A talk with my cousin

We talked about how experience and school has shaped him and his personality in general. At the end, I asked for his point of view of me as a person.

StoryCorps Interview with my Cousin

In this interview, conducted on April 1, recorded by Allen (13) in Michigan interviewed by Cathy (30) in Washington DC, about her personality and life experiences. She shares her life experiences and what she has learned from them in the...

About you and your life

He is satisfied with his life now and trying to change the world into the better world.

The story of Jennifer

The story of how Jenny became the person she is today

Jovita Molina and Ariel Benson

Friends Ariel Benson (55) and Jovita Molina (57) discuss their friendship, their careers, and their lives outside of work.

Peyton & Nikki

I sat down with my mother to talk about her life. We talked about how I came into play and who she believes I am as a person.

English IV Final Project

Mrs. Rieff grew up on a farm, and was a part of the 4H personality improvement organization. She lived a very happenstance life, which ultimately led her from fashion to teaching and finally to counseling. She always try’s to do...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is about my grandma, Helen Dolar. This audio describes her personality as a grandmother and mother to her children.

Arthur Camarena (Grand Father)

This interview was about what kind of person Arthur Camarena is and how his life is.

The Amazing King

Peter King reflects on his life about his past, his education success, and his personality traits.