Dad’s Life: Past to Present

My dad talks about his childhood experienced, his life immigrating from the Philippines to the United States, his greatest influence in life, and his advice to future generations.

Teacher in the Philippines

Grace Silab speaks of her experience as a teacher in the Philippines

“Keep an open mind and adapt to the American Culture.”

I sat down with my cousin Zharlene Balodong to y’all about her experience coming to America and her American dream. We also talked about her good memories, her interesting stories, and how American culture differs from Filipino culture.

My Filipino Parents

I interview my dad, and somewhat my mom before she falls asleep, about their experience traveling from the Philippines to Italy then to our new home, America.

Jorge Tayag Senor

Jorge’s near-death experiences and how Lola was a guerilla

thanksgiving interview

Interview with Leogie, my dad, about his experience moving to the USA from the Philippines, meeting friends, and meeting my mom.

Service Learning Project

This is an interview with my mom as she quickly takes a trip down memory lane.

The Great Listen Interview with Maricel Patungan

I interviewed my mom about her life growing up in the Philippines. She told about her favorite childhood memories, involving traditions during Christmas, etc. She also described the lifestyle in the Philippines, how different it is than in the US....

Vicente Alcid’s Daughter Rosemary Alcid Chaiser on Winning the lottery!

Angelique Chaiser Thomas interviews her mom, Rosemary Alcid Chaiser about how Rosemary’s Dad won the National Lottery (know as “sweepstakes”) in the Philippines. A man of deep faith- he had escaped beheading by the Japanese years prior. Rosemary describes both...

Christmas Memories in the Philippines

Talking about his fiesta and Christmas celebrations in Pilar, Comotes Islands, Philippines

Mercedes Luz and Peter Singh

Peter Singh (16) talks with his grandmother, Mercedes Luz (70) about her childhood and growing up in the Philippines. Mercedes discusses her time in Iran during the Iran Iraq war as a nurse in a military hospital. She traveled across...

Thanksgiving with Grandma Flora

This is an interview with my grandmother, on my mom's side of the family. Flora Cruz is a mother of seven children, now all grown with their own families. Every year the whole family tries to get together on special...

School Life in America

A conversation with my dad about his life in school, both his American and Filipino ones.

Boy Scouts in the Philippines

Gary Gell grew up in the Philippines during the Vietnam war, and had many adventures and stories about his young life. In this interview 15 year old Campbell Hall student Jeremiah Gell interviews his father Gary Gell on January 7th...

Interview with my Grandpa

On November 11, 2017 Janae Salamat interviewed her grandfather through a video chat on Facebook from San Diego to the Metro Manila (Philippines)In this interview Janae learned many things about her grandfather. He described how he was in the US...

“I have no regrets…regrets are a waste of time.”

Mateo, age 9, interviews his Baptista grandparents Alfredo, 83, and Andrea, 79, who immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines in 1968. Mateo is named after his grandfather’s father!

An Interview with Joanne Gomez :)

Here is my interview with my sister in law talking about her life back in the Philippines and the transition from her life back home and in the U.S.