“Being crowned Reyna Elena made me feel blessed and honored to be apart of the Filipino culture and this tradition”

I sat down with my cousin Zharlene May Balodong to talk about her experience of coming to America and her American dream. We also talked about her memories she made back home, how American culture differs from Filipino culture, and...

Talking with Inay

I talked with my grandma about her life and her past to try to learn more about her that I didn’t know before.

Romeo Deguia Irinco — An American Dream

In this interview Romeo Deguia Irinco reflects on his immigration story and the foundation of his family, his professional life, the influence of others, and the wisdom he’d like to leave to future generations.

Dad’s Life: Past to Present

My dad talks about his childhood experienced, his life immigrating from the Philippines to the United States, his greatest influence in life, and his advice to future generations.

Philippines -> US

Asking my grandfather about how life in the Philippines and the US differs.

Brenadette Cogadoc

My cousin from the Philippines talks about her childhood.

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.

Interview with Klyde

An interview with my friend Klyde who is an international student. He was born in the Philippines but grew up in Qatar, and talks about the experience of coming to the U.S. and how it’s different from Qatar.

Conversation with Lola Nena

A conversation with my Lola about life during WWII and her life in the Philippines

A Conversation with my Aunt, Anne Mayette

The story of my Aunt. Starting from her early life in the Philippines - serving as the student president in her university and facing the hardships of her dad's death during an ambush - to working abroad in St. Kitts...

My oral history interview with my grandfather

I learned a lot about my grandfather during my interview with him, particularly how hard his life was in the Philippines and how he took the opportunity to come to the US to have a better life, even though it...

Interview with Lou Work

I ask my grandmother about her childhood and her interest then. What she invisioned her life to be like compared to now. Just an overview of her life!

Juan S. Rivera, my grandfather

In this interview, my grandfather talks about how life was different in the Philippines during his time - mentioning how life was under martial law. And other things history related.

Leilani Ferguson and her grandma Salud Mangahis talk about her immigration to the United States and her experiences

In this over the phone interview, recorded in November 2018 in San Diego, California, Leilani Ferguson (16) interviews her grandma, or Lola, Salud Mangahis (75) about her settlement into the United States from the Philippines and her family upbringing. Mrs....

Yung Nanay ko at Yung Nanay nya (My mom and her 'mom')

My mom's life growing up without her parents and being raised by her grandmother in the Philippines and how life was for her and her sister.

Interview with my mom

Asking questions about things that helped my mom grow as a person.

Mom’s childhood story.

Florentina talked about when she was young and working as a farmer at a really young age. She mentioned why she did not attend college because of not having enough money so she decided to work as a maid to...

Interview with My Dad

In this interview, I asked my dad questions about his childhood and his upcoming in Mindoro Philippines to his hard journey on making a living in the United States being the only sibling of his to immigrate to the country.