Identity & Meaning

A human talking about why they were placed here today

Interview with Professor Briggs

A group project was done with Hannah, Joshua, and Yasmine to interview Professor Briggs about morals, Justice, and Diversity

Interview with Professor Shaw.

This interview was conducted for a philosophy class discussing the idea of self and freedom.

Fireside chat with Ken and Erik

Two good friends discuss some worthwhile life questions over a glass of whiskey.

The Weight of Religion and Philosophy

My mom and I sit down to discuss the very abstract idea of religion, philosophy, and its prominence in its life while I attempt to grapple with at least some understanding of it all.

Life lessons with possehl.

Discovering things and learning life lessons with my astronomy teacher at bentonville west.

Interview with a Business Major

I will be interviewing a Business Major here at St.Mary’s University. And I’ll be asking him 12 philosophical questions.

Interview of Hector Arranga

I interview Hector using a scenario which introduced deep philosophical questions.

Interviewing Ian

I asked Ian philosophical questions and gave him scenarios that related to his career path. This interview gave me new insight on how to deal with situations and I got to know a lot about Ian!

Actor in a Scenario Interview

Hi there! Here’s an interview for my college ethics class about what sort of actions and thoughts goes into an actor’s mind if they were put in a complicated scenario. A peer of mine, Joshua, is being interviewed by me...

StoryCorp Project (Philosophy Class, 2022) Scenario and Theories.

Philosophy class project. This is a scenario with my partner and going over the basic theories we learned this semester.

Nathan Santana and Lori Motola

Nathan and Lori participated in this conversation as part of The WAY initiative. They discussed who Nathan is and how and if other people are free and willing to figure things out for themselves.

Interviewing Angel Ramirez

Interviewing angel Ramirez, freshmen in St. Mary University as a engineering management

Story Corps interview for Phil 1301

This is an interview for our philosophy class where we interview a classmate and ask them questions created by ideas from our book that pertains to our interviewee's career.

Mr. Mark Charipar

Mr. Menard and myself (Mark Charipar) met weekly over 2 months. We discussed a number of topics including the importance of culture and place on a persons perspective.

Kanum Parker by Catalina Rocha

An interview about Kanum's aspirations of law. An assignment for a philosophy class. St Mary's University students

Bryan Yee and Brandon Dennis

Bryan Yee (38) speaks with his One Small Step conversation partner Brandon "Wes" Dennis (38) about their introduction to politics, Black Lives Matter, the Second Amendment, and their hopes for the 2020 election.

Malik and Iggy Talk About The Death of Humanity

Malik and Iggy ramble about various topics from who God is to about what they regret most. In Malik's room they receive high quality acoustics of the average Spanish household.

Philosophy: Interviewing Caitlyn

I interviewed one of my classmates using a scenario and asking questions relating to our philosophy textbook for class

Tayler Landry interviewing William Lidiak

Tayler Landry interviews a mechanical engineer, William Lidiak, and gives him scenarios and questions that relate to philosophical theories

Interview of Bella

In this interview I will be interviewing one of my classmates named Bella Benavidez. She would like to become a physical therapist so I asked her some ethical question that related to her future career.