Interview of Hector Arranga

I interview Hector using a scenario which introduced deep philosophical questions.

Interview with Professor Briggs

A group project was done with Hannah, Joshua, and Yasmine to interview Professor Briggs about morals, Justice, and Diversity

The Weight of Religion and Philosophy

My mom and I sit down to discuss the very abstract idea of religion, philosophy, and its prominence in its life while I attempt to grapple with at least some understanding of it all.

Joaeph Garcia and Jace Freyman

Joaeph "Joe" Garcia (82) and Jace Freyman (36) talk about their family histories, how they came to their vocations, their economic and socio-political fears and hopes for the country, and the importance of connecting with others.

Life lessons with possehl.

Discovering things and learning life lessons with my astronomy teacher at bentonville west.

Interviewing Ian

I asked Ian philosophical questions and gave him scenarios that related to his career path. This interview gave me new insight on how to deal with situations and I got to know a lot about Ian!

Interview with a Business Major

I will be interviewing a Business Major here at St.Mary’s University. And I’ll be asking him 12 philosophical questions.

Actor in a Scenario Interview

Hi there! Here’s an interview for my college ethics class about what sort of actions and thoughts goes into an actor’s mind if they were put in a complicated scenario. A peer of mine, Joshua, is being interviewed by me...

Fireside chat with Ken and Erik

Two good friends discuss some worthwhile life questions over a glass of whiskey.

William Craft and Kathy Purnell

Williams Craft [no age given] interviews his spouse Kathy Burnell (54) about her life, her relationship with her parents, childhood memories, and her education and career trajectory.

Identity & Meaning

A human talking about why they were placed here today

Interview with Professor Shaw.

This interview was conducted for a philosophy class discussing the idea of self and freedom.

Dennis Knepp and Lea Zikmund

Dennis Knepp (51) shares a conversation with new friend Lea Zikmund (26), about his first week in grad school, his education, and how he transitioned from student to teacher. They are talk about family, adventures aboard, and what he is...

Dasani: a future forensic pathologist

An interview of a freshman forensic biology major at St Mary’s named Dasani Olivarez. This is a series of questions based on Philosophy and her future.

Interview with Natalia Ramirez

In this interview, Natalia answered a series of philosophical questions based on a scenario related to the interviewee's career field: Exercise and Sports Science.

Roommates Talk About Life

As roommates and Virginia Tech and high school friends, Blake and I talk about life, the future, and our experiences up to this point.

Philosophy Beyond Academia

Being a philosophy major at SNC has enabled Frank to make a more authentic and fulfilling career choice.