My cousin’s life lesson, decisions and childhood memories

A cousin (Kathy Lin) interviews her cousin (Sarah Zhang) on her life lessons, decisions and childhood memories. Throughout Sarah's life she has made many life decisions but hasn't regret anything. The decisions she made is greatly influenced by her mother....

Interview with my Aunt Trish

It’s an interview with my Aunt Trish and she talks about how her happiest moments and life and talks about her life

Mya’s College Life

Alyssa Daniel sits down with her older sister, Mya, to discuss Mya’s college experiences. Mya is currently a sophomore at University of Maryland. Throughout the interview, Mya gives advice and shares her college memories.


Interview with my maternal grandmother

interview with michael gomez

In this interview, I asked my father about his family, his childhood, starting his career, and raising me and my siblings.

Interview with Brandon Nguyen

I am holding an interview with Brandon Nguyen. Brandon Nguyen is 21 years old as of recording and he is my brother as well. In this interview, we discussed topics about his hobbies and where he currently attends school. He...

Laura Sherman and Joanna Sherman

Joanna Sherman (21) talks with her twin sister, Laura Sherman (21) about what being a twin means and family relationship shifts over college and COVID-19.

Interview with dad

My dad and I shared a couple minutes together to talk about his life. He’s learned a lot of important lessons in life, and it was really cool to talk about them and learn from him.

All About Beth Harris

Beth Harris(36) talks to Miyah Winter(14) about her childhood and what growing up in a Guyanese home made her into.

Mrs. McClain’s college experience

Mya Kowalke and Mrs. McClain talked about Mrs. Mclain’s experience during college and how she felt about it.

Valentina M-First generation interview

An interview with Valentina about being first generation college student at Calvin University.

Interview w mom

We mostly talked about life choices and how her decisions affected her life.

Kawther Ghafoori: Interview with my Mom

This interview switches between Arabic and English. My mom describes her childhood in Iraq, the Iran-Iraq war, the Arab Gulf War, her college life, her current job, how she raised her family, and her life as a new immigrant coming...

AP Didier and Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh (76) talks with her grandson, AP Didier (18) about her childhood in Orangeburg, South Carolina during the 1950s-1960s in the Jim Crow south, her father's experience in a German POW camp, and how her town has evolved since...

Charli Thomas interviews Charles Thomas about his hardest and proudest moments

Charli Thomas interviewed her father Charles Thomas about his life. He talks about a teacher he had who changed his life. At minute __ he shares his favorite memory of Charli and when he saw her for the first time....