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APUSH INTERVIEW with my mom!_LilyDunkin

This is my mom’s history as seen through the lense of AP US History. Diane W dives most deeply into the racial conflicts as seen in her experiences through the Rodney King race riots in the 90s. Being a Women’s...

Stephen H Poole Thanksgiving 2017

Speeding ticket story and telephone company memories

Society’s Biggest Monopoly: The internet

Diving into depth about the rise and role technology and the internet has played in our lives.

Creation of the Cell Phone

Talking with my mom about life before and after cell phones became a staple in life.

A talk with Shirley regarding old phones

We spoke about our old area codes in old phones and all the interesting ways that people to connect it

Interview with Nini Bedi

This is an interview with Avanni Bedi, my friend and classmate. We talked about many things including hobbies and travels.

Past and future media

Charlina Lilly (my mom) talking about how technology was for her growing up in the 80’s to now. A nice insight to how things have really changed from her eyes