Hannah Brewer and her mom, Susan Brewer, talk about becoming and being a photographer.

On December 6, 2018, Hannah Brewer and Susan Brewer had a very good conversation. Hannah learned more about her mom and her mom’s job. She learned that life as a new photographer wasn’t always easy but Susan definitely enjoys her...

Cyane Lowden and Thomas Roese

One Small Step partners Cyane Lowden (77) and Thomas Roese (73) discuss their creative pursuits, the influential people in their lives, and how they are each enjoying retirement.

RVM Preston Mitchell
March 31, 2017 App Interview

Long time RVM resident, musician and photographer

Portrait Artists Jill and Tim Gray

Jill and Tim Gray of Higher Focus Photography in Wildwood Missouri tell stories through portraits and video. They talk about how they fit into a career they love, how they work together and the legacy they hope to leave.

Interview with Manuel Ortiz

A quick interview about a photographer’s life growing up, and how he views everything.

Kian McKellar and Martin McKellar

Kian McKellar (37) shares a conversation with his father, Martin McKellar (71), about art and photography, social commentary in artwork, the process of making art, and art as a career. They also talk about what the future will hold, Martin’s...

Dad’s travel stories

I asked my dad questions about different trips he’s been on, and his work.

Carol Loyer, William Loyer, and Anne Brande

Anne and her parents Bill and Carol talk about 4 generations of Wyoming Western photographers. The line is traced through the women in the family. They talk about how the family first emigrated from Germany to do photo work in...

Helen Jones and Tammy Mosby

Tammy Mosby (60) and One Small Step partner, Helen Jones (79), exchange experiences that shaped them politically, discuss Virginia's response to monument avenue, and acknowledge those that have influenced them.