My neighbor Everett

My neighbor, Everett Soucek, tell about his childhood, portland, hours time in the military, school, and ancestors. Worth listening to.

Julie & Jarod Contreras

In conversation with my (Jarod) mom (Julie) on her love of photography, how photography shapes her life, her connection to her parents and in-laws and the history they experienced, and on our responsibility as storytellers.

Cami (Jenni Alpert) and Don, a biological duo experiencing the exhibit today ….

Sharing our experience on our family fun field trip to Annenberg Photography Musem today with some backstory of our biological reunion after having been separated for over 30 years.

Muhammad Adil Interviews His Father Adil Sheikh

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Muhammad Adil (13) interviews his father Adil Sheikh about his life and what he has gone through. Adil shares his most difficultand happiest memories. Also he shares what...

Photography and what it means

Photography and what it means to Joyce. What the 30 min Library of Congress meant to Joyce and photography in school.

You’re the interviewee

We talk about Logan’s photography experience and what he draws inspiration from. If you would like to follow Logan on instagram, here’s his handle, @photography_ldk

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our family’s ancestors and traditions in Plano, Texas.

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our ancestors and the activities that they took part in back then. He also talks about a very interesting tradition that we still do at home today and it’s significance in the Hindu culture.

November 8, 2017 App Interview

17 year old Omar talking about his life.

Trying to be a photographer

A 16-year-old trying to show the best of everything

Conspiracy Theories & Nick Cage 8.25.18

Talking about photography/remembering historical facts that led us to talk about conspiracy theories and Nick Cage

John Echols

John Echols talks about his experiences of moving every year throughout childhood, as well as his time as a photographer and teacher.

Jessica and Steven and Charlie

Steven interviews Jessica about her photography, and Charlie chimes in

Chelsie Walsman

Chelsie shares a little insigt of her life and her plans after highschool

Tyler and Chris talk about cosplay and photography
February 25, 2019 App Interview

Tyler and Chris talk about cosplay photography, some do’s and don’ts in the field and how to progress as an amateur photography among the crowds of fans at conventions.

The Generation Before

Memories of the generation before me and how technology changed everything.

An Erratic Upbringing

Having a restless childhood and not having the stability of a long time home could crumple the spirits of some people, but not David Beedon. In November of 2017 in Los Angeles, 15-year-old Kyle Beedon interviews his father, David Beedon,...

Muhammad Adil Interviews His Father Adil Sheikh

In this interview conducyed right after Black Friday 2017, in Mount Laurel, Muhammad Adil interviews his father Adil Sheikh about his life. Adil Sheikh tells about what he liked to do to spend time when he was young and what...

What I Saw, and What I Hope You See

We talked about photography and moments in my life that I captured, not just for a snapshot, but eternally in my memory.