Greg Soumokil & Shane Bassett

Eight months ago Greg needed a heart transplant immediately or he was going to die. They didn't have one available for him and had to give him an artificial heart. One month ago, he got a permanent heart. His road...

Sally Baker and Brad Baker

Spouses, Sally Baker (42) and Brad Baker (41), share a conversation about the stroke that Sally had when she was thirty, the recovery process, their children, and their gratitude for one another.

Louise Geib and Rishi Bhosale

Fellow "vestibular warriors," Louise Geib (58) and Rishi Bhosale (30), share a conversation about living with and recovering from vestibular disorders.

Nichole McCaffrey and Daniella Sinay

Nichole Mccaffrey sat down with her colleague, Daniella Sinay. They discussed what led them to careers in medicine and what keeps them motivated during the hard times.

Robert Valente and Kathleen Valente

Spouses, Robert (46) and Kathleen (43) Valente, share their memories of RV's lung transplant and recovery.

Jessica Dortch and Marnita Coleman

Jessica Dortch (26) interviews her mother Marnita Coleman [no age given] about her experience surviving breast cancer.

Janet Hulme and Erika McMillin

Erika McMillin (48) interviews her mother, Janet Hulme (75), about her childhood, her career, her marriage, the places she’s lived, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.

Meet Captain Lisa O'Hara

Folklife Director Katie Mecca sits down for an interview with Tuckerton Seaport boat Captain Lisa O’Hara. Katie and Captain Lisa talk about Lisa’s experience growing up around the corner from Lucy the Elephant, building a boat and sailing with her...

David Murkison and Ellen Murkison

Ellen Murkison (42) interviews her husband David Murkison (42) about how the accident of their sons impacted their lives and their son's journey to recover.

Steven Wolf and Sarah Blanton

Sarah Blanton (51) interviews her colleague Steven Wolf (72) about his distinguished career in physical therapy, his family background, and the future of the profession.

David Bodary and Samuel Bodary

David Bodary (54) and his son, Samuel Bodary (24), piece together their memories of the day David got into an accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. They talk about time spent in the hospital, ways that life changed afterwards,...

Maddie’s calling

I interviewed Maddie to find out if she found her calling.

Greg Soumokil & Shane Bassett

Greg shares with Shane, his physical therapist, the events that led up to him getting an artificial heart and what life is like for him as he waits for a donor heart. Greg is one of only 28 people living...

Donald Wallace and Kim Wallace

Donald Wallace (75) shares a conversation with his wife, Kim Wallace (65), about his experiences recovering from a traumatic brain injury. They remember the day of the incident, and the journey of Donald's rehabilitation.

Interview with Dr. Ashley

I interviewed my boss about her experience as a Physical Therapist and her decisions to open her own practice.

Shay Lopez and Isaac Lopez

Spouses, Shay Lopez [no age given] and Isaac Lopez (39), reflect on their identity as a military family and their personal experiences serving in the military.

Interview Title: FYS Interview about the theme of physical therapy with Jason Huffman by Justin Jun.

I interviewed Jason Huffman for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions that can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's...

Carlos Alaniz & Gregg Vandekieft

Carlos' journey from working as an occupational therapist in a hospital to hospice care was an easy transition. As he began to look for work in hospice, Providence had decided to incorporate occupational therapy into hospice. Carlos shares some stories...

Todd Thomas and Shira Smillie

Conversation partners Todd Thomas (61) and Shira Smillie (26) talk about nostalgia, healing, and the life events that inspired Todd to start writing.