Nasir Rasheed talks about his childhood, career and life as a teen with his daughter Sidrah Rasheed.

In this interview recorded on May 4, 2018 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Sidrah Rasheed interviews her dad, Nasir Rasheed about his childhood, career and life as a teen. He shares his story about immigrating from Karachi, Pakistan to the USA....

Milan Ferencei and Zora Carrier

Milan Ferencei (61) speaks with his wife, Zora Carrier (57), about his experiences growing up in Slovakia, working in medicine, coming to the United States, and meeting Zora later in life.

Saul Bautista and Debra Cho

Debra "Debbie" Cho (32) talks with her friend and Tillman Scholar, Saul Bautista (35), about their experience in the military, their transition back to civilian life, and how their time of service has affected them.

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD, (84) speaks with Sandy Chang, Jeanette Gonzalez and Susan Dicosola on his unusual path to the practice of medical oncology.

"Gave his kids opportunities he never had."
November 24, 2015 App Interview

My father, Shigeru Ochi, was raised in poverty. He focused on working hard and saving to send his kids through college and med school.

Jennifer Everett and Deborah Klein

Jennifer Everett (44) speaks with her physician, Deborah Klein (62) about her immense gratitude for their trusting relationship and compassionate care Dr. Klein provided and what impact it has had on Jennifer's life.

Ryan and his host mom
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Ryan asked his host mom about her career and her life

Summary – The Adopted Cardiac Electrophysiologist, by Megan Bush

A summary of Glenn’s narrative surrounding his adoption, upbringing, his mother and father’s parenting style, and the interplay of heredity and environment in his life.

The Adopted Cardiac Electrophysiologist part 2

Glenn is a 37 year old cardiac Electrophysiologist who was adopted from Colombia at just a few months old. This interview dives into how his upbringing, the parenting style of his mother and father, and his innate interests and intellect...