The Corner of Orchard Street

From piano to orchards to little sales in front of the house, the life of Annette has been nothing short of amazing.

Nate Sanders talks with His grandma Laura Malone about her childhood and growing up.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Nate Sanders (13) interviews his grandmother Laura Malone (70) about her childhood in Alabama. Mrs. Malone shares stories of how she met her husband Grover Malone. She also talks...

Courtney Pollack and Adele Pollack

Courtney Pollack (39) talks with her grandmother, Adele Pollack (93), about Adele's childhood, her love of piano and painting, and the many roles she has taken on throughout her life.

Content with My Life

Charles King feels that he has led a good life. He feels fortunate to have obtained a good education, have a successful career as a jazz pianist, and now has the opportunity to teach piano to kids.

I played scales on the piano and read a book at the same time. My grandmother was supervising me and didn’t know I was cheating. . .

Oleg Levin and Ivan Konev have been playing repertoire for two pianos together for ten years. They both teach piano at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music and came together as part of the conservatory's Story Initiative to share stories...

Piano down South Street

My grandma talks about the time her and her family moved a piano down South street.

Nana raises, teaches, and sets examples for kids.

I talked to Nana about her childhood and her being raised with four brothers! She talked about setting examples for her brothers and the students she taught being a Sunday School teacher and a piano teacher. We talked about her...

Roya Neghabats Piano Realization
December 17, 2017 App Interview

Reviews what she's learned from playing the piano

A Master of Music

Jim Cunningham, Born 1933 is a man of many professions. When Lucas Grey joined by his Uncle Jim Cunningham sat down at a piano for an interview. Jim Cunningham grew up in the small town of Belpre Ohio, and was...

Edith Reed

Edith discusses her 101 year life, highlighting music, including her time spent at Juilliard School and Columbia University. She also discusses her family; both while growing up and the family she started with her husband John. She also mentions how...

Beth Jackson and James Elliott III

Friends Beth Jackson (64) and James Edward "Pudgie" Elliott III [no age given] talk about their love of music. Pudgie talks about growing up in New York City as the oldest child in his family. They sing a few different...

Marc Cary interview conducted by Nickel Five

Marc Cary talks with Nickel Five about jazz, hip hop, travel, his inspirations, and more...

Amy Wurtz and Alyson Berger

Musician friends, Amy Wurtz (45), and Alyson Berger (52), talk about their collaboration, the Wurtz-Berger Duo. They talk about their instruments (piano and cello) and discuss their careers as musicians as well as the music scene in Chicago.

John LaFontaine, Lynne Trotta, and Mary Ollila

Sisters Lynne Trotta (60) and Mary Ollila (56) share a conversation with their father, John LaFontaine (86), about John’s upbringing in Connecticut, their family, the different places they lived, and how John ended up moving to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Rasheeda Ali and Pauline Johnson

Pauline Johnson (68) interviews her friend, Rasheeda Ali (74), about Rasheeda’s childhood in Columbus, Georgia, her love of the piano, and her time in New York City. Rasheeda also talks about working in legal services, her career in radio, her...

Kate Echaniz talks about her her life experiences

During this interview, November 21, 2017 in Simpsonville, former piano teacher, Kate Echaniz talks about how different her childhood was than today. Ms. Echaniz also talks about her passion, piano. She also shares stories about how much more safe it...

Nancy Eckert and Cathryn Appleby

Nancy Eckert (71) tells her daughter Cathryn Appleby (36) about her childhood, love of music, and education.