Irma and Coles interview

I think that my interview went really well with my mom I think I learned a lot of things that I never knew about her and also for her to reflect on some of her life issues was cool to...

Kuang-Hao Huang and Helen Zell

Kuang-Hao Huang (50) and his piano student, Helen Zell (78), talk about how they began working together, former piano teachers, experimentation, contemporary music, and their virtual piano lessons during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Velma Sun Fletcher, 99 y.o.

Velma’s childhood in Oakland being the first Chinese and only girl in her school. Going back and forth to China just after war times, & starting the Orange County symphony.

Patricia Evans and Brooke Soard

Patricia Evans (63) tells her friend, Brooke Soard (43), about her grandmother, Lottie, and the musical legacy that she left.

Cadence and Kynnedi’s interview

This interview includes sisters Cadence (18) and Kynnedi (13). They discuss Kynnedi’s experiences learning and playing the piano.

Steve Desroches and Jon Richardson

Steve Desroches (48) talks to musician Jon Richardson (35) about his work in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in particular his role as a piano man in a town with a long tradition of piano bars.

Teenagers in the Covid 19 era. Gilbert Ave.

In honor of the StoryCorp virtual mobile tour coming to Montana. (I am Program Director for Montana Public Radio) another interview with my two younger children about this crazy spring living in this era of the social distancing and life.

Injured Pianist

This is a remembrance of a talented young pianist whose career was interrupted when she experienced a repetitive-stress piano injury during her freshman year at the Eastman School of Music.

Ziying Interview

Growing up in China and transitioning to American culture.

An interview with my inspiration: Jane Calder

Today i interviewed my piano teacher of 9 years. Over the nine years, I only knew about her past students and children. Today I wanted to know more about her childhood, career, passions and proudest moments.

Anne McDonald and Chuck McDonald

Anne McDonald (40) interviews her father, Chuck McDonald [no age given], about his childhood in Butte, Montana, his extended family, and his first jobs. Anne also appreciates Chuck's creativity, imagination, and work ethic, as well as the importance he places...

Michael Ballam, Vanessa Ballam, and Laurie Ballam

Vanessa Ballam (44) shares a conversation with her mother and father, Michael Ballam (71) and Laurie Ballam (73), about their lives in the performing arts and their travels across the world.

Elizabeth Eubanks and Patricia Scott

Elizabeth Eubanks (58) shares a conversation with her mother, Patricia Scott (82), about her love of music, the groups she played with, and her other creative pursuits.

Matthew Palmer interviews father John Palmer about childhood and past experiences.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Matthew Palmer (17) interviews his father John Palmer (54) about his childhood, teenage, and college years. John tells about Christmas with his mother. He also shares what his first...