Polio and post polio syndrome.

Nancy Gosz was diagnosed with polio at age 4. Thirty-six years later she was diagnosed with post polio syndrome. She watched her mother go through this illness. This is her story.

Growing Up American Graffiti

Madi McCusker interviews her grandfather, Jim Coverley. Jim shares his life experiences growing up in Modesto, California during the 1950s, American Graffeti. Madi and Jim both currently live in Reno, Nevada, 2017 Thanksgiving.

Mia Jones interviews Judy Millerbernd and talks about her life as a kid and her jobs growing up

In this interview made in November 2017 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Mia Jones (13) interviews her Grandma Judy Millerbernd (74) about her childhood. Judy explains about her major medical diseases and growing up around smoking. She also talks about her...

Thanksgiving Interview with Grandpa Joe

I talked about how my grandpa grew up and the best parts of his life.

Jack Driscoll

Wyatt and Will Derickson speak to their great uncle Jack Driscoll about growing up in Peabody Massachusetts and overcoming polio

Louis Vero and Juanita Vero

Juanita Vero (47) talks with her father Louis Vero (81) about his life growing up as a longtime cattle rancher, the loneliness he experienced working, and his deep love for his children and his wife.

Laura Douglas and David Blevins

Siblings, Laura Douglas (70) and David Blevins (68), pay tribute to their parents by sharing their story and the way they impacted everyone around them.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Listen how I interview my grandma about her at the age of 17, moving to California and give advice based on her relationship experiences.

Granny's Experience with Polio

An interview of Alison Chase's experience with Polio in her family and how it affected her community. By: Erin Lichty

Laura Smith interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix about growing up during World War II

In this interview, Laura Smith (16) interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix (80). Betty shares her memories of growing up during World War II and living in Alabama during the civil rights movement. This interview was conducted on November 22, 2018,...

Grandma and grandpas experience with polio

A discussion about polio with my 72 year old grandma and 80 year grandpa.

Vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases

A discussion of two people's experiences with vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases, and how views have changed throughout their lives.

Curtis Morris, Ashley Morris, and Margaret Morris

Curtis Morris (84) and his wife, Margaret Morris (83), tell their granddaughter Ashley Morris (35) about growing up together in South Georgia.

Emma Stettner and Judith Stettner

Emma Stettner (22) speaks with her grandmother Judith Stettner (82) about growing up in Brooklyn, NY, her parents, her life with Emma's grandfather, and her advice and philosophies for future generations.

Hans Westermark and Lorraine Westermark

Spouses, Hans Westermark (72) and Lorraine Westermark [no age given], share a conversation about their childhoods and how they first met. Hans also talks about how he came to the United States from Sweden, and Lorraine talks about her career...

Rembering Polio

The interview was how my Grandpa was affected by Polio. It also showed how it affteced is outlook on life.

Getting to Know Carol Bulwinkle

Carol Bulwinkle was born in Santa Barbra, California and moved to Charlotte North Carolina shortly after she got Polio as a child. The effects still impact her today. She grew up in Charlotte and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when...