Patrick Rollin and his dad talk about politics, culture, and society

We first examine how the intersection of politics and sports has changed over time. We then examine the current polarization in U.S. society. Lastly, we discuss topical political issues.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Nannette Wohlwender

In this interview conducted on November 29, 2019, I speak with my grandmother Nannette Wohlwender about her life and what she is most grateful for.

Thanksgiving 2019
November 28, 2019 App Interview

Discussed what I was like as a kid and politics

“I’ve always been aware of politics as far as I can remember”

In this interview, we discussed Spencer’s experience with politics in the past and how he will use his political beliefs in the future. We also talked about Spencer’s ideas and preferences when it comes to politics.

Anissa Campos and her father talk about his life during his adolescent years

In this interview, conducted on November 26th 2017, in Chicago, Illinois, I interviewed my father, Max, about his childhood in Mexico and in Illinois. We mostly went over some of his memories and what he accomplished when he was younger....

Katarina Fenner and her Mom Linda Fenner talk about elections, religion, spirituality, and advice. (pt. 3 of 3)

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chandler, Arizona, Katarina Fenner (13) interviews her Mom Linda Fenner (47) about her jobs, elections, religion, spirituality, and advice. Mrs. Fenner shares her opinions about several elections, especially the 2016 election. She...

Interview with dad

Talking about the past and present of my dads life


i interview my mother on all sorts of things

Alicia Tafolla speaks with her granddaughter, Daphne Arellano, about living in Chicago and moving to Illinois.

Throughout this interview, held on November 27, 2017 in Oceanside, California, Daphne Arellano interviews her grandmother about her life beginning in Chicago and later moving to San Jose, California. She speaks about how the two states contrast. Additionally, Alicia Tafolla...

How My Work and Education Has Shaped Me

In this interview, conducted in November of 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Keyla Garcia (17) interviews her mother Karla Franco (45) about her experiences growing up in relation to school and work. Ms. Franco describes her time in school as a...

Grandma Cathy’s Interview

We talked about how she feels about politics and her first time voting, what my dad was like, and her childhood memories.

Nixon’s Presidency

I talked to my mom about Nixon and his time in office. Although she was only in 5th grade when he was re-elected, she remembers a lot of what happened.

English Interview Project Owen Mueller

This is an inter view with my mother, Colleen Mueller, about my grandfather, Phil Rock, who was the State Senate President for 22 years

Getting to know Gavin

Gavin is a friend of a few months who I decided to interview in Ofer to get to know him better. We have a conversation to get to know who gavin is as a person.

Aiden Freeney’s interview with his interracial parents that came from two totally different backgrounds.

This interview is of my dad; Patrick Freeney and my mom; Amy Freeney. In Flint, Michigan on November 27th. This interview shows the hardships my parents had to face while growing up. My dad had to work a lot of...

My Uncle and I

My uncle and I conversing about differences in our generations, politics, and the workforce

Thanksgiving Listen – IS (WCCC)

The interesting stories of a teen growing up in the 80’s and how it’s effected him as a person. *sorry about the awkward interruption…. me yelling was just all good fun, haha!

A Window Into the Thoughts of Renesha Walton

In this interview my mother and I talk about her childhood years as well as an important person in her life who’s lived through five generations. It’s a comedic interview, with very real answers.

Logan’s Political Opinions

Logan Copsmith discussing her opinions on the political climate in the United States in 2018

Grandma Cathy’s Interview
November 24, 2018 App Interview

A kind of short interview with my Grandmother.