Lou Ann Ashley and Jennifer Harris

Friends Jennifer Harris (45) and Lou Ann Ashley (68) share a conversation about their work as teachers, their friendship, the challenges they have faced, and their favorite teaching memories.


We talked about family connections to history and history in general.

Political Views

Political views on Republican friend Brandon and his reasons for believing.

Grandmas Wack ass preist

I interviewed my Grandma about her faith in the catholic church and talked about how bring political views as a religious figure imapcted her ideology and faith. intresting stuff.

Hannah McGiverin and her grandmother Jeri talk about her life

Jeri has worked a lot of different jobs, and has very interesting family, most of which are hailing from Denmark.

The Cold War

Me and Ed talk about what it was like to grow up during the Cold War. We talk about how it affected us in long term. Also about what it was like in Russia at the time.

My roots

We talked about the culture and big impact situations that occured

Interview with John Dickes, Thanksgiving day 11/23/17

We discussed John's childhood and certain aspects of growing up. We also talked about working in machining and his opinion of current politics and his view of our family and how he would like to be remembered.

Karen Colton and Amy Smith

[Recorded Monday, February 21, 2022] Karen (58) and Amy (62) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed motherhood, military service, health, and media literacy.

Todd Williamson and Sherry White

One Small Step conversation partners Todd [No name given] (51) and Sherry [No name given] (55) discuss the influential people in their lives, how important simple acts of kindness can be and how life experiences shaped the way they vote.

Mistie Hitt and Harold Breeden

One Small Step conversation partners Mistie Hitt (39) and Harold Breedan (66) discuss experiences growing up, family, college, major influences in their lives, and political points of view.

Brady Davis and Willa Simmons

[Recorded: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022] Brady (10th Grade) and Willa (10th Grade) have a short One Small Step conversation. They share their motivation for participating in the program, and talk about how recent political events have impacted their perspectives. Other...

Cindy Su and Sneha Sharma

Friends Sneha Sharma (17) and Cindy Su (17) share a conversation about their experiences as high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic, their environmental advocacy work, their mentors, and their families.

Elections and the consequences

My dad and I talked about elections and their consequences.

The Great Thanksgiving interview with Russell Zanca

My father, professor Russell Zanca, provides refined and educated opinions about the American Government.