Leon Hoover and Robert Shore

One Small Step partners Leon Hoover (71) and Robert "Bob" Shore (75) talk about their political views and their careers in energy and behavioral health. They reflect on the current state of abortion and energy policy and discuss the influence...

Kim Gaddy and Amy Goldsmith

Coworkers Kim Gaddy (57) and Amy Goldsmith (63) discuss the environmental justice work they have done at Clean Water Action, in the New Jersey community, and at a national level. They discuss how community has played a central role in...

Sarah Padgett and Bunny Balbachan

Sarah Padgett (25) shares a conversation with Bunny Balbachan (59) about Bunny’s childhood, the different places where she has lived, her family, her faith, her career as a nurse, and the advice she would like to share with others.

Georgi Tomisato and Frederick Blanton

Colleagues Georgi Tomisato (66) and Frederick "Fred" Blanton (58) share a conversation about how they met, the environmental advocacy work they do through the group Shenandoah Green, and about different environmental projects they have worked on, including the Staunton Legacy...

Joe Durham and Brian Goetz discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Brian Goetz interviews Joe Durham on the successes that his community (near Lake Michigan) has achieved adapting to the climate crisis in the past ten years out of necessity for their local economy.