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Jay Foreman and Ashley Mady

Jay Foreman (57) talks with his mentee, Ashley Mady (36), about his company, Basic Fun!, how he entered the toy industry, and his family.

Interview with Skye

today I interviewed my girlfriends little sister Skye Nguyen. We discussed her interests of music and pop culture as well as her time as a child in Virginia

Shabir Kabiri and Alex Kolker

Friends and coworkers Alex Kolker (27) interviews Shabir Kabiri (29) about his experience attending university in the United States, the differences between Afghan and American culture, and what the American dream means to him.

Conversation with some wrestling Jobbers

I interviewed the jobbertears podcast on the state of hip hop and wrestling, and how they intertwine.

Discussions of big families and today’s culture

We talked about our fathers being from big families at first. Then we decided to talk about current events and pop culture since this is a sort of a time capsule.

Pop Culture in My Dad’s Time

A brief discussion of pop culture in the 70s and 80s, specifically music and subcultures from a high school perspective.

Is the Queen of Rap coming for her Thorne t2

We talked about pop culture and Nicki Minaj’s. And her album and new tracks.

A media flashback to then and now with Grandpa Charles Paxton

I interview my Grandpa, a Vietnam veteran and retired U.S. Army Colonel, about his experience serving in the military and relying on older forms of media and the media coverage of U.S. military throughout his service. Our interview is finished...

New-Media Project: Experiencing Music

I interviewed my mom about the music industry and how it has transitioned since the 80’s as well as how it has shaped her life when she was growing up.

Evan Watkins and Patty Devery

Friends Evan Watkins (37) and Patty Devery (37) talk about music improvisation, moving to New York City, and their shared love of pop culture.

Benjamin DeShon and Megan Hatlee

Megan Hatlee (21) interviews her friend Benjamin DeShon (29) about his love of pop culture.