My Friend Aladji Sow

My name is Caren, and I met Aladji in Atlanta, Georgia this November 2022. I quickly realized that he has a very very interesting life that I thought would be perfect for StoryCorps. Aladji is from Senegal, and he’s been...

What movie stars did you meet?

My grandfather talks about his work experience and some of the most interesting places he has been too. He reminisces’ about good old times with family. He lists off some of the 32 Countries he has been too for business,...

Interviewing Mom

Taking the time to learn more about my mom.

Grandmas Life

I talk with my grandma about life in portugal and how she adjusted to life in USA along with her life now

My life, then and now, by Greg Young

Life growing up in a military household and how experiences helped shape my decisions.

An Interview with my Godmother

It was fun listening to what my godmother had to say about me and life itself!