Practice for Alaina’s interview

I will be interviewing my grandma. I am interviewing her because she just turned 69 and she loves to tell stories.

Occupational therapist- an agent of change

In this interview Pranjali Savla describes how she has been acting as an agent of change in her practice.

Practice Interview for Tera Roberts

I will interview my mom Helen because shes the closest person in my life and someone I look up to. I know she’ll have lots of life lessons and stories, as well as an emotional side.

Practice interview

This is a practice interview.

PI 1

I asked her questions like what does her future hold, if it was our very last conversation, was there anything she wanted to say to me, and what made us such good friends.

Practice Interview

A practice interview for class.

This is my Practice Interview

This is my practice interview for Composition and Rhetoric, The Great Thanksgiving Listen, and I will be interviewing my grandpa.

This is a practice session for Xander Bunn’s interview.

My name is Xander Bunn is this was a short practice session for when I will interview my dad later this week. I choose him because I think he is an interesting person and has a lot of cool stories...

My sister’s love for performing

Rachel explains her childhood memories of dancing. She also tells me how she fell in love with preforming. She wants this career more because it is hard to achieve. She lastly give great advice to others who want to pursue...

Raven O’Leary practice

I am interviewing my mom, Kim. I wanted to interview her on her nursing career because I think it will spark an interesting conversation.

This is a practice interview for Josh Fletcher
December 14, 2017 App Interview

I am choosing to interview my mother because we’re very close. My mom is a grrat storyteller and very wise.