Practice Recording

This was my practice recording

Grandma Nancy practice

I interview my grandma because she has had a long interesting life and I want to ask her some questions!

This is a practice for Kat Foster’s interview.

I was originally planning on interviewing my grandfather, but I’m working on Thanksgiving so I’m going to interview one of the residents at the nursing home I work at.

My sister’s love for performing

Rachel explains her childhood memories of dancing. She also tells me how she fell in love with preforming. She wants this career more because it is hard to achieve. She lastly give great advice to others who want to pursue...

Practice Session for Alex Loeper’s Interview

I will be interviewing my grandfather Gerald Sunkin. Gerald is 83 years old and usually goes by the name Popo. I am interviewing him because he has been through many good and many tough experiences throughout his life. He was...

Practice session for Becca Gilbert’s interview

I interview my mom in attempt to learn a little bit more about her childhood and what it was like growing up for her.

Lauren Pasipanki’s Practice Interview

I choose to interview my grandpa. I would like to interview him because I would love to hear the stories he has to share


Practice makes perfect

Occupational therapist- an agent of change

In this interview Pranjali Savla describes how she has been acting as an agent of change in her practice.


This is a practice interview

practice interview

practice upload for itibrout rhetoric storycorps great thanksgiving listen

This is a practice session for Payton Chandler’s interview

I will interview my Grama because she has a lot to say but doesn’t always say it & has a lot of stories that I want to hear.

Branden Johnson’s interview

This was an interview of my mother about her child hood, advice she has and random things that I wanted to know about her.

Practice Session for my Interview

I am interviewing my grandma because I want to know what life was like for her growing up and how it's different from my life.