Practice Interview

Practice interview for thanksgiving

Practice interview 1

Practice interviewing with Ced’nayzah.

Practice run

Checking if my device and recording are operating successfully

Practice session for Terence Burnett’s interview

I plan on interviewing my father, Terence Burnett Sr., (73) my reasoning for choosing my dad is because he will be the eldest member of my family at thanksgiving and because he always enlightens me with wisdom about his and...

Practice Interview for Tera Roberts

I will interview my mom Helen because shes the closest person in my life and someone I look up to. I know she’ll have lots of life lessons and stories, as well as an emotional side.

Practice Session for E. Fernandez

I will be interviewing my grandma, Diana Grabowski, later on in the week to get to know more about her work life


I am doing a practice interview with my friend Johnny Glad.

This is a practice session for Will Lemon’s interview

I will be interviewing my dad because he is an all around interesting person and I think he has a lot of good stories to share