Liam talks about the Past, Present, and Future

I interview liam on his views of the future and what he remembers of the past

I Do Believe
January 16, 2020 App Interview

Amidst Thanksgiving preparations of 2019, Linda Pfeffer speaks with her grandson, Nico Joel, while his mother talks about teriyaki chicken in the background. Linda shares about her relationship with God, Catholicism, and spirituality in general that resonates with Nico as...

Reflecting on the Past

People reflect on their lives often, however, there are always certain memories that are difficult to relive. On January 8th in her home in Los Angeles, Lucrezia Pignatelli met with her nanny, Mahesh Krishan, aged 46, to discuss his life...

Lainey Mihalich Interviews Samantha Stewart About Her Life and Dreams

This is an interview with Lainey Mihalich’s close friend Samantha Stewart. Samantha will talk about how her life is currently (specifically where she is at with her lacrosse) and her future.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

I interviewed my dad about his younger self and views on the world back then and now.

Madison Rook interviewing Wendy Rook

In this interview we talked about a lot of things such as childhood, marriage and many others

Gran Interview

America then vs America now vs America in the future

Nephew interviewing Aunt

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Tauseef (14) and Sajeda (26) are in a phone call about Sajeda’s experiences.


We discussed her past expierences and present opinions.

Perspective of my JROTC Instructor on Life
April 29, 2022 App Interview

This interview was meant for us to better under the viewpoints on someone who is in an older generation than mine.

Zharick Garcia Family Interview APB

Interviewing my dad, speaking on his childhood, his philosophy, and what he hopes for the future of his kids.

Don’t Forget Where You Come From

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Orange, California, Diana Portillo (20) interviews her mother Maria Bruno (46) about her immigration process and journey to the United States. Mrs. Bruno shares her experience when moving from Mexico to California....

The transforamtion of a freshman medical student: An interview between Melon and my friend Mintiya.

This Saturday, I had an interview with my Friend Mintiya, who is a student from Nanjing Medical University. I was so curious about her current living situation and I could not help asking her some questions about her past, present...

The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

Isabelle’s Journey

Learning about a young girls challanges while growing up to get a more depth understanding.

Youth Vs Elder
December 1, 2021 App Interview

Nyah (16) talks about the younger days of life with her 40 year old mother, of four kids. What did she go through in the days she was growing up?

Mommy Chats with Yolanda Febres

My mom is the most significant individual that is a part of my life. Her life, her story is the reason why I am here today smiling and enjoying the many blessings I have.

My Interview with Jessica Donehower

Jessica Donehower talks about her past, and present as she addresses the questions asked by myself. Jess is 47, married with three kids, and lives in Corte Madera.