Joshua Sinclair and Eian-Gabriel Sinclair

Eian-Gabriel Sinclair (14) interviews his father, Joshua Sinclair (60), about his own father and the lingering regret of not having his voice recorded.

Beverly Gibson and Carolyn Jeffers

Beverly Gibson (62) talks to her colleague Carolyn Jeffers (67) about the history of Christ Church Cathedral.

Blair Bates and Nelson Nave

Colleagues Blair Bates (66) and Nelson Nave (75) talk about their work in historic preservation, Blair working as a restoration contractor and Nelson as an architect, to maintain the Ladies’ Library Association building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Darien Fernandez and Billy Mason

Friends and colleagues Darien Fernandez (41) and Billy Mason (59) talk about their experiences with and connection to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. They also talk about the importance of land conservation, giving back to the community, and uplifting youth.

Debbie Sturm and Carole Nash

Debbie Sturm (55) interviews her friend Carole Nash (61) about her work as an archeologist, and the significance of storytelling in her life.


Kit Evers runs OUR (Old Used Rare) Bookshop out of his home - or more accurately, he runs his home out of his bookshop - on Partition Street in Saugerties village. In this interview, he discusses growing up the son...

Cindy Mckinney Interviews Bill Stamatis; life in East Marion New York. Fishing, community, preservation, poetry, photography, retirement.

Cindy Mckinney: 2020-12-21 16:54:20 Bill Stamatis discusses a meaningful retirement spent in East Marion New York, forming new friendships based on a passion for fishing, writing, woodworking, photography, and a life long love of the North Fork of Long Island.


Arriving in Saugerties as a single parent with 3 kids in the 70's, Joan Reinmuth found herself in unknown territory with 2 acres of land and a house with no insulation. Supported by a community, she developed the philosophy of...

Kenneth Best and Carla Bruni

Kenneth "Ken" Best (63) and his friend, Carla Bruni (42), talk about Community Glue Workshop, a free monthly repair clinic in Chicago. Carla is one of the co-founders and Ken is a volunteer fixer.


"You know that saying about doing something that scares you?" Nancy Campbell has left no corner of Saugerties untouched by her DIY approach. She has been an owner of a gallery downtown, served on the town board and acted as...

Elizabeth Jonkel and James Jonkel

Elizabeth Jonkel (52) interviews her brother James Jonkel (60) about his life and work involving Montana's wildlife.