My partner and I are talking about the results of 2008 presidential election and how it was effective.

Nixon’s Presidency

I interviewed my dad about Nixon and his time as President. He was old enough to remember, but didn’t have a big interest in politics at the time.

Harry Brady talks to his grandson Brady Schmidt about growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In this interview, recorded on November 25, 2018, Brady Schmidt (15) interviews his grandfather Harry Brady (83) for an assignment in his Introduction to Media class. During the interview, Harry goes back and talks about his childhood memories all the...

LGBTQA+ Issues with Jacob Lorenz

In this interview, two students talk about the LGBTQ experience, what we would like to say to the world, specifically the current President of the United States

Meeting Future President Nixon

Local politician Richard Nixon came for dinner at the Culbertson's Rivera/Whittier, California, home.

Moe’s Thoughts on the past election and his political views

Moe and I briefly discussed his political views and how he feels about the past election.

Yushin Interviews Cailey

Yushin interviews his friend Cailey about swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and what she would do if she was president.

Frances Forlines and Charles Marple

One Small Step conversation partners Frances Fortunes (48) and Charles "Chuck" Marple (73) have a conversation about their experiences as educators and geo political issues surrounding U.S. Territories.

Interview with Mayor Tannehill

On Monday, November 2, 2020, the day before the 2020 presidential election, I interviewed Oxford mayor Robyn Tannehill about her thoughts on the upcoming election.

The Impact of the Election of Barack Obama on a Black Man.

In this video, I interview my dad about racism in America and how the Election of Barack Obama affected him as a black man.

Isaac’s thanksgiving interview

This interview is about the history that my aunt went throughout growing up

Me and my mom Jackie W

Talked about the government and my moms thoughts on the government. Also talked about my moms job and most importantly me

McKenna and Christopher talk about the election of 2008.

I discuss the election of 2008 to my father, a Caucasian male at the age of 52. He shares with me his hopes that he held for Obama and whether or not he found Obama to be a promising candidate....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project-Jackson Campbell

Beth and I talked about what Thanksgiving means and how it stacks up against Christmas and football and alittle about past events (such as the 2008 stock market crash and the 2016 election) along with what we think of the...

Asking my mom how much the media has changed in her lifetime

I am a junior in college. My mom is an accountant. We talked about how much the media has changed over her lifetime.

The Student Leadership Challenge – Featuring Maddy Magaña

Maddy Magaña, ASB President, shares her journey of leadership and offers advice about the importance of a leadership position.

Ruby Nell Interview

We talked about her early life and events that took place within that time. We also talked about her parents and other information I was curious about.

Interview Mary Burns

I mostly asked her questions about her life as a teen and things that most impacted her life growing up.

Let’s talk interview

That’s about 2020 election and what your opinions are on freedom our country and safety

The 2008 Election

Chris and Jackie Wiegand discuss their experiences with the presidential election in 2008. They include advice to future voters and their impressions of where the rhetoric is headed.

Podcast Project

I interviewed the 26th president about Presidential Issues, Nature and Wildlife, and the Square Deal.