Susan Wallendorf and Jessie Gilson

Susan Wallendor (57) is interviewed by her daughter, Jessie Gilson (26), about the people who have an impact in her life, the way she's learned to love, and following her heart to achieve her dreams and goals.

Sophia and the violence she went through.

Sophia will talk about the violence she suffered and how she is recovering from it.

"Deep down inside I felt like something wasn't normal. And it turns out it wasn't."

Kelly Plunkett speaks with her Nurse-Family Partnership nurse Kyla Pfannenstiel at Children First about her journey to becoming her son's biggest advocate & a confident mom. With Kyla's support, Kelly overcame homelessness relating to domestic violence, and was persistent in...

Lucia Ayala and Alma Ayala

Lucia Ayala (76) and her daughter, Alma Ayala (49), remember the day many years ago when Lucia took Alma and her sisters and escaped from her abusive husband.

Cindy Claycomb and Tammie Wray

One Small Step partners Cindy Claycomb (65) and Tammie "Sue" Wray (62) discuss how their views don't always align with their chosen political parties, their beliefs concerning gun violence, and their concerns about the current climate of polarization.

Cynthia Anderson and Barbara Jackson

Dr. Barbara Jackson (51) interviews her best friend, Pastor Cynthia Anderson (57), about being a survivor of domestic violence and what she's learned by surviving the challenges that have come to her in her life.

Sierra Laverty and Suzanne Asha Stone

Suzanne Asha Stone (60) and daughter Sierra Laverty (30) share memories of the challenges and triumphs of wolf reintroduction and discuss the future of conservation.

Jessica Garcia and Joy Ingram

Jessica Garcia (25) interviews her friend and colleague, Joy Ingram (44), about what led her into advocacy work and the power of storytelling as a survivor of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Cecilia Airaldi and Luisa Scioli

Friends Cecilia Airaldi (56) and Luisa "Ellie" Scioli (73) reflect on their friendship and time living in the YWCA Brooklyn. They discuss their stories that brought them there, their families, gender roles, and being survivors.

Bev Baumgartner and Tracey Reed

One Small Step partners Bev Baumgartner (50) and Tracey Reed (47) have a discussion on various social and religious topics, touching on LGBTQ and transgender issues, and their shared experiences with domestic violence.

“Everybody needs to be needed.” – Amanda on her path to Richmond, career in senior care, and how she engages with her community.

During this conversation, Amanda talks about her role as Director of Leland Legacy and how they approach senior care with Life Lists and laughter. If you have an aging parent, give this a listen!

Sherri Tanner and Becky Parker

Sherri Tanner (48) shares with her friend, Becky Parker (64), how she became a public speaker about domestic violence.

IPA Interview (Lesson 13)

Discussion with Whitney regarding IPA. We discuss her experience advocating for victims and what she has learned.

Survivor Speak: Melinda Hawkins

Melinda Hawkins tells her story of domestic violence.