A Father Son Talk

A son interviews his father about his life experiences and how pride, lessons, reflection, legacy, and advice all shaped and guided him to success. The conversation is filled with numerous valuable takeaways that can be applied by anyone. As well...

Xavier Castillo and Andrew Castillo

Xavier Castillo (42) and his son Andrew Castillo (14) discuss their relationship with each other, Xavier's desire to be a strong and supportive father after having little relationship with his own father, and Andrew's big plans for his future.

The Great Listen: Me and My Mom

Here I interviewed my Mom in Fort Mill SC, on the 19th of January, 2020. We talked about love, boys, and advice with relationships. Cancer in your life during and after, family and the effects they've had. A little bit...

What I am proud of

I am proud of the choices I have made.

Heidi Onion for Stonewall OutLoud, Part 2

Heidi tells a last story and reflects on what she’s proud of and what she hopes for the future.

Discrimination against LGBTQ

I interviewed my roommate who is also my girlfriend about her life and youth growing up with her sexuality. We discussed topics relating upon the lgbtq community as well as her own experiences within.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Keith Tomaselli

Fishtown Beer Runner and native Philadelphian, Keith Tomaselli inspires us with stories of the inception of the beer runner community that has started in Philadelphia and has grown into a small but important charitable organization across the world. Keith tells...

Military Service

During this interview, we spoke about my mom's service in the military. What she enjoyed most and her not so enjoyable moments. We also spoke about her transition from military to civilian life.

Preserving the History of Pulse

Discussion of the development of the Pride, Prejudice, and Protest exhibition at the Orange County Regional History Center in collaboration with the GLBT History Museum of Central Florida and how it was both affected by and inclusive of the Pulse...

Malia Machado and Richard Brown

Malia Sioux Machado (41) and her husband, Richard "Ricky" Brown (75), remember her father, Tony Machado. They discuss his murals, his art style, and the legacy he leaves behind.

Life Lessons with Chan pt.4

On this final part of Life Lessons with Chan, he talked about all the life regrets he doesn’t have! He believes that all of the “mistakes” he’s made were an opportunity for him to grow and learn. Maybe he shouldn’t...

Bruce Evans and Vice Admiral Nora Tyson

Vice Admiral Nora Tyson (64) and Mr. Bruce Evans (62) discuss their experience serving on Vanderbilt University's Board of Trust during the COVID-19 crisis.

Amma Aboagye and Collingwise Osei-Aboagye

Collinwise Osei-Aboagye talks to his daughter, Amma Aboagye , about his childhood in Ghana, immigrating to the United States, his initial interactions with African Americans as a Ghanaian, and his connection with Ghanaian culture after living in the United States...

Bathroom Interview with Mac & Ronen

Mom interviews two precocious boys (aged 4.5 and 2.5) about school, zombies, laughter and what it means to be proud.


This is an interview with my mom discussing the given interview questions.

Genesis Glass and Nancy Zook

Genesis Glass (19) talks to her new acquaintance, Nancy Zook (55), about being a mom, graduating from high school, her interests, and her hopes for the future for herself and her daughter.

Lyron Andrews and Chanel Andrews

Lyron (46) talks to his daughter Chanel (16) about their relationship, growing up in California, his divorce to her mother and how proud he is of Chanel.

Happiness & adult life

How growing up enabled happiness and those who influenced him also influenced his values.

1st gay pride parade

I interviewed my mom about marching in the first gay pride parade.