Ashley Geng and Elena Li

Ashley Geng interviews her friend Elena Li. They talk about their favorite teacher, some food and cities to travel.

Guy Blanchette and Rose Splett

Guy Blanchette (age 67) has a conversation with his friend Rose Splett (age 85) about getting to know one another and how they became friends.

Time is precious

Erin Canada: 2021-04-28 03:46:09 A quick interview with my mom in which gets into what's important to her.

New Providence found me.

Long-time resident Patty Kummer describes her 50 years of life in New Providence, and why she loves teh town.

Beyond the Block Ep.5 – 2825 Thomas Tolbert Ave

Sharon Horton, my mother, is the last participant. She will speak about the house we have been living in for the past ten years. Growing up in an area where poverty and crime rates dominate social media narratives lessens the...

Jennifer Shapiro and Gennadiy Shapiro

Jennifer Shapiro (18) talks with her father, Gennadiy Shapiro (45) about his childhood in Khazakstan, his journey migrating to America, and his experience building a life from scratch in a new country.