Katherine Galvin and Pat Walsh, talking about Pat's life at her final Thanksgiving family reunion.

This is an interview of my Aunt Pat, who was 92 years of age when the interview was conducted in November 2019. The interview was done at the final family reunion that Aunt Pat attended, which were events that were...

Paul and Jan Bastine talk with their granddaughter Kendall about Kalispell Bay.

Jan Bastine's family built their cabin at Priest Lake next to Kalispell Creek in 1959. She introduced Paul to the lake and to her rambunctious cabin life in 1964. Jan's father was a softball player and in 1970 started the...

The Numbers Racket in our Apartment

My dad remembers his mother. There are some comments he makes that are offensive, but he says he is a product of his time. I however apologize if someone takes offense. From a cultural perspective, it does clearly show a...

Dave Desimone and Laurin Mack

Friends Dave Desimone (53), who is the site director of Black Point Estate & Gardens historic house museum, and Laurin Mack (44), who is a descendant of an original Chicago beer baron, Conrad Seipp, discuss Seipp family history and the...

Interview with Carole Stroessner

I interviewed my Nana, Carole Stroessner, about her experience with her childhood, first marriage, divorce, career, and assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

McCormack Family History

History of Technology in IBM, Irish Catholic movement in high schools on the north East side of Chicago. History of club Alabam burying the Great Depression. (Pictured: Marcella Benett 1928)

Interviewing June Schöellig

June talked about her childhood and early adult life. She grew up on a poor farm in Wisconsin during the depression.

Laureen Sinyai and Clare Altland

Clare Altland (36) interviews her mother, Laureen Sinyai (68), about growing up in Bridgeport, CT. Laureen, who was raised in a Hungarian American household, reflects on the diverse immigrant communities in her neighborhood. She also remembers her mother, Mary Willard...

Kaia interviews her grandfather, Sheldon, about his life experiences

In this interview, recorded on November 27th, 2015 in Iowa City, Iowa, Kaia Neal (13) interviews her grandpa Sheldon Kurtz (72) about his life growing up and about his hopes for the future. He shares his stories about his family,...

Gennaro Cambardella and Michael Cambardella

Gennaro Cambardella (79) tells his son Michael Cambardella (37) about Gennaro's father, "Pop," and the family's immigration to the U.S.