Austin Izard Interpersonal Communications interview

Discussion of life goals and past were included in this interview. Religion was a more specific topic covered in it too.

World history project

Me talking to my uncle to get to know more about him

Peer interview with Cameron Scott

This is an interview that I asked my classmate for an English project

Gloria Pare

The life of a child living in the projects during the 50’s.

Tea with Mia and Seb – Exploring loneliness

Sebastien and I are starting a new project and we want to explore loneliness in our society, our hypotheses, and our goals for the project.

StoryCorp Project- human growth and development- Ed Knox interview

Ed’s social life pre-marriage, during marriage (without child and with child), post-marriage

Immigration project
October 26, 2018 App Interview

Over the past few years the number of immigrants in America has increased but most people don’t know why. In this interview a Ghanaian immigrant talks about the reason they moved here

Interview with aunt

I Interviewed my Aunt and I asked her about her life growing up and her life today.

On Vietnam

My Uncle Dan recalls his teenage years as the news cycle gradually revealed the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Interactive Media US History Assignment

We’re not very interactive in our family, so this was a huge step social-wise

History Project

History project for school

Interviewing my Grandpa

Talking to my Grandpa, Walter Trybulski, about his experiences and his life.

Family interview

My grandmother is a outstanding women and im glad to have her in my life

November 27, 2017 App Interview

My older brother and me chillin. Also this thanksgiving was good.

Working with Benjamin Champion

My Friend Ben is interviewed while we are working on a project