The Life of my Grandma

We discussed her life growing up and some specific moments that really stood out to her.

Mom and me

The interview in my opinion went very good

Kaelen rice

What she is proud of in her life

Interviewing a student

I am talking with my girlfriend, we talk different questions for the daily normal day and about her life

Snowden learns he can go back to soccer.

Snowden's favorite thing in the world was playing soccer. Then his mom and dad were not able to pay for a season of his travel soccer team. How he handled it was impressive.

A 16 Year Old Girl’s Journey to America Alone /// A Proud Father

(Interview 1:) A story of how my nan, Mary Walsh, moved from Ireland to America. She was only 16 years old at the time, and made a successful life for herself despite having to leave her family behind. She also...

My First Story Corps Ever!

We talked a lot about family and memories.

My Aunt

While interviewing one of my family members we discussed some of her accomplishments in life.

Interpersonal communication interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom where I ask her about if she’s proud of me and what advice she’d give her younger self.

Me and my dad

He was proud of my actions and wants me to get the best job

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

-Blind date -Father died, newborn baby -Happy, and excited -Beyond proud of me -Misses father, who passed away; still has mother, and is happy with her -Went on a date at the movies, then a pizza parlor -Childhood was happy,...

Interview 1 with my roommate and best friend rachel

Rachel and I spoke about our values, our proudest moments, and what we find to be the most important things in our lives today.

Grandma interview-cazandra

It was basically talking about her life and how she went about it

Life Questions With a Retired Nurse

Asking my grandma questions about what happened during her life. Her telling many stories of her nursing career.

School Story Corps

My mother and I talked about her favorite memories she has from her life.

Interview with Leandro Sosa, My Dad

My dad remembering the people in his life who have impacted him, his proudest achievements, lessons he shared and learned, and sharing his wisdom on life and financial stability.

“My children are everything to me”

A interview of Cui Fang Lee, mother of 3. Cui talks about her past and future life. She explores her interest and talks about her childhood. She exclaims her love and care for her family, and how she would like...


What life was like when I was a child/life lessons

Learning more about family everyday

I learned more about my great grandparents even though I was only interviewing my grandfather

Let’s Play Tennis!

Gigi Merino interviews her dad, Robert Merino. He talks about his adventures from living in Costa Rica when he was a young boy, to wanting to be a professional athlete! He mentions his loving father and how he wanted to...

December 11, 2019 App Interview

About my dad and what he is happy about