American History – Great Thanksgiving Listen

Discussing with my grandmother about good memories she has with family. Originally recorded on November 23, 2019, but re-recorded on December 21st.


What the person has experienced during life, and good advice they can give.

All Of The Universe Is All In This One Moment (Part 1)

We talked about her childhood and the struggles that she faced growing up. As well as where her life has taken her now. We talked about the people and events that have influenced her life as well as the harder...

Father and Daughter

Chad Rich 51 years old. Tonya Rich wife of 27 years. Daughter (Camryn Rich) 21 years old. We talked about how he would like to be remembered and who he admired, how he would handle adversity, who is was the...

Interview 1

How do you want to be remembered and what are your biggest accomplishment

Creativity for a Lifetime interview

We discussed creativity throughout the life, grandparents and parents, major life events, and growing up.

My Proudest Moment

I talk about planning a concert at Tcf Bank Stadium


The person’s name is Hiro, he is 26years old. He is my uncle who takes care of me now in Lynchburg. we talked about the thing that he’s most proud of, and his favorite thing to do. I also asked...

English Class

I am most proud of where I am today.

Understanding the life Joshua’s mom

It's about Joshua Garcia interviewing his Lilliana Valdez. He interviews her about her decisions in her past that ended her up in position she is now.

Life with my Aunt

Over thanksgiving, I interviewed my favorite Aunt Christine. She explained to me what her childhood was like and how it shaped her into the person she is today. She also talked to me about her happiest moments, and saddest moments....

My interview with my grandma for my sophomore English final 2019

We mostly talked about her life and everything that happened to her and things that I didn’t know and also her kids and how proud of them she is

Interview with my Mom – AKA my Twin

My mom and I talk about her fondest memories, what she wants for our future family members, and what she is most proud of.

Interviewing my mom

So in this interview, im talking to my mom about how she grew up and what she's done.

“If you have a goal, stick to it and pray to God.”

Sukhjit Kaur shares her memories of her childhood and the lessons she has learned throughout her life. She also shares her experience of moving to the United States of America for the first time.

Rosie Riveter (Deedi Favro)

An interview with Deedi Favro, who was a Rosie Riveter. She explained the meaning of Rosie Riveter, her childhood during Great Depression, the importance of Rosie Riveter, and challenges that she faced during that time. She shared her story as...

Grandpa’s, Grenades, and God

Christmas is a day not only for unwrapping presents and eating candy canes. It’s also a time of family, and love. So on December 25, 2019, 14-year-old Beija Sayeed sat down with her great grandfather Alfonzo Jackson to talk about...

Bob Schmitz: he’s still alive and kicking.

This interview was conducted with my grandfather, Bob Schmitz. We talked about many things, ranging from his love for fishing to his life’s achievements. We talked about his childhood and life lessons he hopes to pass down. We talked about...

Elijah Belk(13) and Jason Belk(43)

Me and my dad were talking about some of the things that have sharpens him. We also talk about things that made him proud.

Jordan Walker and his uncle talk his uncle crazy experiences.

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Medina, Ohio, 14 year old Jordan Walker interviews his uncle,Larry Hill, (42) about his time living in Bermuda and what he experienced there. He also talks about what he is proud of...