Joshua Guerra Interview – Philosophical Scenario Questions

Joshua Guerra is a second-year student at TAMUSA, with an undeclared major, leaning towards phycology. He was gracious enough to dedicate some of his valuable time to this interview with some philosophical questions. These are based on a scenario for...

My StoryCorps Conversation with my Mother: The psychology behind the anxiety and fear of leaving home

I talk with my mother, Marjory von Ehren, about her immigration experience, life, and how she dealt with her initial anxiety as a young immigrant

Gabriela Solis’ test interview for Psychology of Women, 2021

In this recording, Gabriela Solis tests using the StoryCorps app to make a recording in preparation for future assignments. This assignment is for Psychology of Women, a class at Eastern Michigan University.

Storycorps 11/28

I spoke with my parents about their childhoods, upbringings, beliefs, and how they got to where they are in life today.

Mr. Baggaley

Talked about his life and experiences as a psychology teacher.

Asya Harrison and Lydia Mensah

Asya Harrison (28) talks with her friend Lydia Mensah (26) about their experiences as PhD students at University of Michigan, the importance of representation, struggling with certain aspects of graduate school and mental health, "lightbulb" moments, their studies in Chemistry...

Unit 2 Project: Interview by Camryn Kerr

In this interview, I was talking to my mom about what I was like as a baby. All of my questions fell into the 7 categories. This includes prenatal/birth, physical development, motor development, language development, temperament, and attachment.

The Best is Yet to Come
December 28, 2021 App Interview

An woman, 73 living with schizophrenia growing up in a Catholic household with a mother who was also schizophrenic and later went on to raise 3 children (sexual assault, talk of dieing trigger warning)

Lois-ellin was born in 1932 at the height of the Depression yet she graduated college and got a PhD. Wow–tell me more!

My sister-in-law Ann O'Keefe met her good friend Lois-ellin Datta in a Psychology class in 1955 at Bryn Mawr where Lois-ellin, already married and a mom, was then working on her PhD. Born in 1932 and on her own at...

My Life as a Psychologist, Professor, and Sex Therapist in Historical Context

I trace the beginnings of my education and emergence into the pioneering era of human sexuality university courses and my life as a sex therapist and professor of human sexuality with a few mini tips.

Najah Abdul-Qawiyy and Asmaa Elamrousy

Najah Abdul-Qawiyy (21) talks with Asmaa Elamrousy (23) about her upbringing on Staten Island, her values and identity as a Black Muslim woman, her relationships with her family and her mother's leadership in the community, and her aspirations to be...

Sarita Mehta and Amanda Coombs

[Recorded: Friday, June 10, 2022] Sarita (21, UVA '22) and Amanda (27, UVA '17) have a One Small Step conversation during Alumni Weekend at UVA. Sarita and Amanda, both recent UVA graduates, discuss life after college and their shared interest...

Mari Fernandez and Albert Fernandez

Mari Teresa Fernandez (67) and her husband, Albert R. Fernandez (71), discuss memories of growing up. Albert Fernandez describes growing up in the immigrant neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. Mari Fernandez describes migrating from Cuba at seven years...

Marci Howard and David Carson

One Small Step conversation partners Marci Howard (72) and David Carson (59) come together and discuss their feelings and beliefs around different topics, including LGBT issues and the COVID-19 pandemic.