Joshua Guerra Interview – Philosophical Scenario Questions

Joshua Guerra is a second-year student at TAMUSA, with an undeclared major, leaning towards phycology. He was gracious enough to dedicate some of his valuable time to this interview with some philosophical questions. These are based on a scenario for...

Storycorps 11/28

I spoke with my parents about their childhoods, upbringings, beliefs, and how they got to where they are in life today.

Harlan Wiman and Stefanie Sevcik

Harlan Wiman and Dr. Sevcik discuss psychology, learning how to learn, and cultivating a life you love.

Gabriela Solis’ test interview for Psychology of Women, 2021

In this recording, Gabriela Solis tests using the StoryCorps app to make a recording in preparation for future assignments. This assignment is for Psychology of Women, a class at Eastern Michigan University.

Mr. Baggaley

Talked about his life and experiences as a psychology teacher.

Laela Ferguson and Tamia Eugene talk about psychology

Laela Ferguson: 2023-11-05 18:10:34 Tamia Eugene (23) talks with her sister Laela Ferguson (18) about being a psychology graduate.

My StoryCorps Conversation with my Mother: The psychology behind the anxiety and fear of leaving home

I talk with my mother, Marjory von Ehren, about her immigration experience, life, and how she dealt with her initial anxiety as a young immigrant

Devon Christianson, Edward Thron, and Joan Thron

Devon Chirstianson (59) interviews her parents Edward “Mike” Thron (86) and Joan Thron (85) about how they met, their university studies, and their careers.

Asya Harrison and Lydia Mensah

Asya Harrison (28) talks with her friend Lydia Mensah (26) about their experiences as PhD students at University of Michigan, the importance of representation, struggling with certain aspects of graduate school and mental health, "lightbulb" moments, their studies in Chemistry...

Gifted and Talented Programs from a Psychological Perspective with Dr. Theresa Andare, interviewed by Mya Elliott

In this interview, conducted on December 7, 2021, Mya Elliott, a psychology student at Eastern Michigan University, interviews Dr. Theresa Andare, a psychologist at Hawthorn Center, which provides psychiatric treatment. Dr. Andare talks about her experiences with gifted and talented...

Psychology Interview

We talked about the interviewees past and future and how they reflect on what they’ve experienced. As well as how they wish their future to be.

Oma Maslow-Er Project 12/8/19

Discussion with my grandmother (Oma) on her life then & now as a mother, wife, and grandmother. She identifies as a member of the Traditionalist/Silent Generation.

Into the Mind of a Young Man, Phillip Cruz

Interviewing my boyfriend on his life growing up and events that shaped him into being a great person. What it was like living in Chicago’s suburbs. How childhood can shape a person.

Victoria and August discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 19, 2021 App Interview

Victoria and I take a shallow dive into the climate crisis and what can be done to stay healthy and positive during these changing times.