Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

Rachelle Knowles and Onika Anglin

Cousins Rachelle Knowles (34) and Onika Anglin (31) share some of their beliefs to include the importance of family.

Jeff Duchin and Meagan Kay

Jeff Duchin (63) and his colleague Meagan Kay (41) talk about their careers in public health and personal health challenges.

Speaking to the Director of Public Health

Enjoy this interview with a former Director of Public Health of Michigan.

Hannah Karczewski and Zachary Hayes

Friends Hannah Karczewski (23) and Zachary Hayes (23) talk about their common experience of attending University of Michigan-Flint during the Flint water crisis, growing passionate about the community, and pursuing ways to give back through work and volunteering.

Aaron Fisher and Rachel Fisher

Aaron Fisher (45) speaks with his wife Rachel Fisher (45) reflecting on her experiences as a Marine Biologist researching sea turtles, as an educator working creatively around curriculums to foster scientific literacy, and as a participant in a COVID-19 Vaccine...

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (82) talks with his children Allegra (42) and Jeremy Gordon (36) about stories from childhood, science experiments, and his unique path from physics to the psychology of encounter groups and psychics in the 1970s, and into a career...

Cynthia Harris and Tammie Johnson

Cynthia Harris (65) interviews her colleague Tammie Johnson (57) about her educational journey in Public Health, and her work as an educator at Florida A&M University.

"When the elephants fight the grass suffers." Malcolm Bryant and Jennifer Beard Talk About Global Health, Part 2

Malcolm Bryant talks about some of the big picture challenges he sees in the field of global health, ranging from narrow and overly medicalized strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality to the skewed priorities and short timelines of donors....

An Interview with UTHealth PhD Student, Lauren Leining: The Impact of COVID-19 on Relationships with Family and Friends

This 40 minute interview dives into the perspective of PhD student, Lauren Leining--her relationships, workplace, and program during the COVID-19 pandemic. This interview was initially conducted as an extra credit assignment for a masters level qualitative research methods course.

"The Story of a GeoHealth Friendship" an interview with Geoff Plumlee and Aubrey Miller

In the mid-1990s, the town of Libby, MT, discovered they had a serious problem. The small town of fewer than 3000 people had reported over 300 fatalities from asbestos contamination. Enter Aubrey Miller, from the EPA, and Geoff Plumlee, from...

Cheikhou Ann and Felix Rojas

Colleagues and friends Felix Rojas (54) and Cheikhou Ann (56) discuss their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, their communities, and their work at Bronx Health Reach.

Tammie Johnson and Cynthia Harris

Tammie Johnson (57) interviews her friend and colleague Cynthia Harris (65) about her experiences starting and directing the Institute of Public Health at Florida A&M University.

Aria Flood and Daniella Alvarado Perez

Aria Flood, 34, and Daniella Alvarado Perez, 28, co-workers at Love146, spoke about what brought them to the work, their passion for public health and prevention, and the ways in which they approach their work with joy.

Tom Hanlon and Jennifer Trotter

One Small Step conversation participants, Tom Hanlon (76) and Jennifer Trotter (32), talk about being raised Catholic, what they are passionate about, and health care.

Jenna Strecker and Scott Sinclair

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Sinclair (61) and Jenna Strecker (58) discuss different topics, including healthcare, LGBTQ issues, and local politics.