Keith Pannell and Louie Saenz

Louie Saenz (66) interviews friend and colleague Keith Pannell (83) about Keith's life, his involvement in public radio, and his career in academia.

Renaissance Man

Edward Gambill, entrepreneur and grandfather of 4, discusses his life experiences with his grandson, Finnegan, and how they have shaped him into who he is today.

Teenagers in the Covid 19 era. Gilbert Ave.

In honor of the StoryCorp virtual mobile tour coming to Montana. (I am Program Director for Montana Public Radio) another interview with my two younger children about this crazy spring living in this era of the social distancing and life.

Timothy Conovaloff and David Riek

Friends and Arizona natives Timothy A. Conovaloff (66) and David "Dave" Riek (61) talk about their individual experiences of Arizona and how people view Yuma compared to the rest of the state. They discuss Timothy's transition to life in New...

Kristin Jackson and Doug Raper

Doug Raper (72) shares a conversation with his daughter Kristin Jackson (41) about his work in radio, the nonprofit he founded, his children and grandchildren, and how he would like to be remembered.

Marcia Dunn and Annie Garde

Friends and colleagues Marcia Dunn (81) and Annie Garde (75) discuss their work as hosts of the long-running, children's radio program, The Pea Green Boat.

Valarie Smith and Quentin Hope

Colleagues and friends Valarie Smith (40) and Quentin Hope (66) talk about how High Plains Public Radio came into existence after Quentin moved back to Garden City and was inspired through grit and determination to bring public radio to their...

Kathleen Gaffney and Theresa Fiorino

One Small Step partners Kathleen Gaffney (63) and Theresa Fiorino (48) talk about the state of the American news media, their personal political values, and the experiences that helped shape their political views over time.