Rachelle Wilson and Sam Sims

One Small Step participants Rachelle Wilson (56) and Sam Sims (47) discuss their upbringings and political beliefs. They talk about the political parties they are registered under, campaign financings, and abortion.

Carrie Frazier and Sarah Riggs Stapleton

Carrie Anne Frazier (48) speaks with Sarah Riggs Stapleton (39) about her advocacy work as a parent who wanted to improve school food in 4j District schools in Eugene, Oregon, the challenges that ensued with Sodexo, the corporation that managed...

conversations with connor

I had a conversation with my boyfriend, Connor, about his experience transitioning from a Public school to a Private school for his last 4 years of school. We also continued our conversation to talk about college. The more we talk...

Mary Braasch and Michele Spivey

One Small Step partners Mary Braasch (31) and Michele Spivey (59) discuss their upbringing, their relationship to their partners, and their hopes for the future of the United States.

John Thompson and Peter Sweger

One Small Step partners and fellow Oklahomans John Thompson (68) and Pete Sweger (46) discuss their work and in education and healthcare. They speak further about prison reform and education reform in Oklahoma.

The life of David Spirt.

I Bradley Spirt interviewed my grandpa, David Spirt on November 23, 2018 in Pennsylvania. We discussed how is childhood was and how school was, how he met my Grandma. When he was in school he went to an all boys...

Patti Faini and Tina Pittman

One Small Step partners Patti Faini (63) and Tina Pittman (54) discuss their catholic upbringings, the future of younger generations, personal struggles, and local issues in Richmond.

Christina Ball and Jane D.

[Recorded: Friday, November 5th, 2021] Christina and Jane, two women living in Charlottesville, have a One Small Step conversation. They talk about their personal political journeys, and how recent years have shifted their views. Other themes include education, racial justice,...

Life before boarding school

This interview I asked some very philosophical questions that really got my person thinking. He has some very intriguing responses that lead into deep and meaningful conversations

Patty Devery and Justin Cummins

One Small Step conversation partners Patty (40) and Justin (32) have a conversation about their recent weddings, dogs, and families. They bond over both getting married recently and having connections to Chicago. Justin describes his large wedding in Savannah, while...

Susan Miller and Ruth Belhumeur

One Small Step participants Susan Miller (73) and Ruth Belhumeur (66) discuss their experiences in the medical field, their husbands' careers in medicine compared to their own, and their common enemy: insurance companies.

Paula Castano and James Castano

Spouses, Paula Castano (49) and James Castano (52), share a conversation about how they met, how their relationship developed, their work in the FBI, counterterrorism, the adoption process, their children, and their work with Hillsborough Public School Advocates in Tampa.

Recording – 10-26-2023 15:47:34

In this interview Lara talks about her time as a teacher in both public and private schools. She shares her experiences with teaching through her 25 years of teaching as well as advice for upcoming teachers.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Heather

Heather shares stories of growing up in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood, Tacony, and shares stories of her childhood and upbringing and then her eventual opening of her business in Mt. Airy, Philaelphia. Recorded as part of an artist residency with...

Devon Christianson, Edward Thron, and Joan Thron

Devon Chirstianson (59) interviews her parents Edward “Mike” Thron (86) and Joan Thron (85) about how they met, their university studies, and their careers.

Charlie Garrott and James Phares

Childhood friends Charlie Garrott (63) and James Phares (62) reflect on their time growing up in Jackson, Mississippi during the onset of school desegregation. Charlie and James discuss their experiences at public school in Jackson and remember their integrated youth...

Colin Heil and Josie Fischman

[Recorded: Friday, July 21, 2023] This One Small Step conversation was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of the Sorensen Institute’s summer High School Leaders Program in 2023. Colin Heil (17) is from McLean and Josie Fischman (17) is from...