Daniel Hummel and Adil Mohammed

Daniel Hummel (38) talks with his friend and brother in faith Adil Mohammed (58) about Daniel converting from Catholicism to Islam, the lack of inclusion in parts of his community, his desire to take part in local government, his experience...

Martha Lutman Brogan and Margaret Sullivan

Martha Lutman Brogan (69) talks with her colleague Margaret Sullivan (47) with whom she worked on the Ives Squared innovation space at the New Haven Free Public Library. They remember the community stakeholders they collaborated with on the project, as...

"Mary Rosewater on the Bicentennial, Public Service, and the 1970s"

Mary Rosewater (49) talks with her son, Jacob Rosewater (17) about her childhood memories of the bicentennial, and how this event contrasted with the anxiety of the rest of the 1970s

Norman Maeshima and Georgia Maeshima

Norman Maeshima (56), talks with his wife and best friend Georgia Maeshima (51), about his upcoming retirement after 31 years of service with the City of Long Beach

Warren Olney and Andrea Brody

Friends and colleagues Warren Olney IV [no age given] and Andrea Brody [no age given] talk about Warren's rich history with journalism, which began in the 1960s, and has evolved into TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting, and podcasting. Together they talk...

Laura Henderson and Sam Henderson

Laura Henderson (49) and her husband, Sam Henderson (48), share their relationship to Gulfport, Sam's path to mayor, Laura's career shift, and their feelings towards the Gulfport Library.

Marilyn Brown and Eric Brown

Spouses Marilyn Brown (64) and Eric S. Brown (66) discuss the significance of the day camp that they attended growing up and reflect on the challenges that have shaped their perspectives and careers in public service.