Linda Barkenbush and Sydney Lewis

Friends Linda Barkenbush (43) and Sydney Lewis (43) share a conversation about how they first met, TV crushes, the value of camp, their work, game shows, snack foods, and their friendship.

Madison Hill, Samie Jo Johnson, and Joshua Micucci-D'amato

Roommates Madison Hill (23), Joshua Micucci-D'amato (27), and Samie Jo Johnson (27) talk about wearing many different hats as artists. They also discuss what resilience means to them, how systemic racism has risen to the forefront of their conversations this...

Justine Keefe and Mo B. Dick

Justine "Justin Kase" Keefe (58) speaks with her friend Mo B. Dick (58) about their, friendship, Their memories of performing drag, and about starting Club Casanova, New York City's most renowned drag king show from the 1990s.

let’s talk with my friend on playfulness

Jaliyah Tubbs (19) talks with her friend , Terry Watson (21) about his playfulness now vs when he was younger and how it changes over the years as he matures.