Lila Mae Dean Hoogeveen – Part 1

Life growing up in Spencer, IA. Teaching. Marriage. Life. And more.

A Day with Hazel Pharris

Hazel Pharris was born and grew up in Bonners Ferry, ID. She lived in the country most of her life, before moving into the city for a while. She attended college in Idaho, where she met her husband, Earl. As...

Kathleen Caldarella Riley and Matthew August

Matthew August: 2020-06-13 16:17:46 Matt August, age 42, interview with Grandma Kathleen Caldarella Riley, age 94, about significant periods in her life. She speaks about her family growing up and her time working in the WWII manufacturing plants. We touch...

Brianna Motzkus and Cindi Rang

Mother and daughter Cindi Rang (58) and Brianna Motzkus (29) recall and reminisce over their experiences navigating masks and their quilt shop during the start of the Pandemic. They also talk about their success with making videos about how to...

Harriet Weber and Sally Patton

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Sally Patton (76) about her childhood, her career, her family, and the quilt that has been passed down to her from the early 1820s.

Kristina Winn and Kenna Worthington

Kenna Worthington [no age given] speaks with her granddaughter Kristina Winn (24) about the lessons she has learned, her faith, and her hopes for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Karen Letkowski and Megan Messina

One Small Step partners Karen Letkowski (61) and Megan Messina (28) share how their upbringings shaped them, their artistic practices, and their political values.

Sara Trail and Emory Christian

Emory Christian talks with her niece, Sara Trail, about Juneteenth and her work as founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy.

Melba Pesante and Eduardo Pesante

Eduardo Pesante (42) interviews his mother, Melba Pesante (67), about her views on faith, religion, time, quilting, and why she chooses to see life through the eyes of a child.

Halle Davenport Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer about her Great Quilting Hobby!

In the interview, conducted in February 2022 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Halle Davenport(16) Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer(41) about her Quilting Hobby. Amy Mercer shared her stories about how she first got started quilting. She mentions she makes her own patterns...

Melanie Ferrier and Robert Ferrier

Robert Ferrier (44) interviews his spouse, Melanie Ferrier (42), about her life. They talk about her identity as a Navajo woman and her experience on living on and off a reservation in New Mexico. Melanie describes a difficult childhood in...

Meet Brenda!

An interview with Brenda, a 79 year old creative lady with 2 beautiful kids, a garden to tend to and a new creative project to take on