Sheila Elliott and Larry "Bud" Meyer

[Recorded: October 21, 2022] Sheila (64) and Larry (68) have a One Small Step conversation. Sheila, an alumna of VCU's School of Pharmacy, describes herself as having a lifelong passion for issues surrounding racial justice and engaging in other forms...

race in America

race in America with Glenda graham

Racial Equality

A biracial couples view on racial equality, talking about their past and present. And discussing the future of civil rights.

Christian Chylewski and Stacy Caudill

Mother Stacy Caudill (48) sits down with her child, Christian Chylewski (28), to talk about childhood memories, family structures, and parenthood.

Loman Martin and Reid Belew

One Small Step partners Loman Martin (38) and Reid Belew (29) discuss their small-town and religious upbringings, their families, women's rights, racism, and their life experiences.

Race identity

In this interview me and my dad talk about race identity

Emily Ford and Daphne Mark

Daphne (27) asks long-time family friend and mentor Emily about her adoption, the biggest decision she ever made, and how race has impacted her and her daughter, Tiffany.

Carol Nine and Jennifer Frederic

Jennifer Frederic (40) interviews her conversation partner Carol Nine (88) about Carol's childhood growing up in Romeo, Michigan in the 1940s and her experiences with African-American friends. Carol also talks about Amanda Moore, a well-known African-American woman in town who...


Mr. Zhou talked about his immigration to China and his experience as a Chinese American.


Courtney talks about how her experiences and beliefs have influenced and shaped her life today

Junko Takamatsu’s Story of America with her Granddaughter Lauren Kwong

Junko Takamatsu (age 74) is an Japanese American woman born after WWII. She shares her story of coming from Japan to the America. Her granddaughter, Lauren Kwong (age 16) asks her questions about her life in America.


Interviewing my classmate Alexa about race and space.

Race in America
June 3, 2022 App Interview

We talked about race in America and compared it to how its been over the years


Nathan and I discussed what it’s like being his 2 races.

Accidents and Race

In this interview, Muhammad asked questions about Ahmed’s race and how it affected his life. Also his overcoming of past complications in his life. Ahmed discusses how he overcame his car accident. Muhammad also asks about his childhood.


This interview was done with a peer of mine in which we never talked about race prior to this discussion. It was quite awkward as we were both uncomfortable and kind of nervous! But in the end I think it...

Raymond Warren and Martha Warren

Raymond "Paul" Warren (62) talks with his mother Martha "Dixie" Warren (91) about her family history which has roots to the Colonial Dames, growing up on a plantation, and what her experience of race relations has been in her 91...

Race in America

Phillip Kahl talks to his son, Hunter Kahl, about race in America.

Christie Huck and Manuela Velasquez

Manuela Velasquez (24) interviews her conversation partner Christie Huck (47) about her role in the expansion of City Garden Montessori School. Christie talks about growing up with a deep commitment to social justice and anti-racism and describes how she hopes...