Howard Jordan and Andrew Jordan

Howard "Louis" Jordan (69) speaks to his son Andrew Jordan (42) about his experience as a teenager in Americus, Georgia during the early years of school desegregation. Louis remembers moments he defied those resistant to integration and reflects on times...

Elijah Cummings and Roswell Encina

Congressman Elijah Cummings (64) talks to Roswell Encina (45) about the impact the Enoch Pratt Library has had on his life since being in Special Education as a child, and his gratitude to the librarians who encouraged him to excel.

Robert "Larry" Crawford and Charles Crawford

Larry Crawford (68) asks his father Charles W. Crawford [no age given] about growing up on a farm in Arkansas in the 1930s, what influenced him to pursue higher education, and about his career in archiving oral history.

John Atkinson, Sr. Family Interview

Discussion with family about the legacy of John Atkinson, Sr. June 11, 1943 Georgia Supreme Court Case to allow him to move into a house in the Hunter Hill and Grove Park area of Atlanta, GA

Oscar Benoit and Mitzi Moss Duhon

Oscar Benoit (70) speaks with their friend Mitzi Moss Duhon (69) about their experience integrating Northside High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, where Mitzi attended, in 1970.

Edward Bol and Diane Buxton

Ed Bol (60) shares his experience with busing in Seattle, Washington with new friend Diane Buxton (50). Ed stayed at his neighborhood high school but recalls white friends being bused from Queen Anne, his neighborhood school, and Black students being...

Della Kostelnik Juarez and Julia Juarez-Kostelnik

Della Kostelnik Juarez (61) tells her daughter Julia Juarez-Kostelnik (22) about her experiences participating in a voluntary bussing/racial transfer program as an elementary school student in Seattle. Della describes how being the only white kid in a predominantly Black school...

Cindy Yawkey and Jennifer Ray

Friends and coworkers Cindy Yawkey (58) and Jennifer Ray (71) sit down to talk about their love of history and storytelling and about the work they do at the Underground Railroad Society of Cass County (URSCC).