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Edgar Martinez interview with Ali Rivera

Ali Rivera a very good friend of mine .He has very good character that would take him far in life

Lance Ferno Interview

I, Laci Ferno, am interviewing my dad, Lance Ferno, about his life in racing

Motocross Interview

Interviewing my brother about his 2020 race experience.

US History Project

My Dad’s family history. His life and how it has shaped him.

Carpets to Racing

My dad tells his career story, and how he got from just selling carpets in a small town to radio broadcasting NASCAR races.

Alice Ventura (Gram)

I spoke with gram while visiting in fall of 2018. We were at her retirement community in Whitewater, WI.

Sit down between Tony and Antonio, a father and son racing team
January 5, 2021 App Interview

Antonio is a kart racer, Tony (dad) is his mechanic, and we are just talking life

Kailey conversation with Dad, David Gee: The family and friends that were part of an idyllic life.

This is the first of two conversations between Kailey and Dave. Questions and answers get to know Dave and his family and friends growing up in Kansas and Colorado with strong, Godly core values with some devilish antics mixed in....