Katie Pina and Mario Navarro

One Small Step partners Katie Pina (36) and Mario Navarro (52) share a conversation about growing up, their families, their children, and the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about their frustrations with US politics, their perspectives on religion, and their...

Grandma & PaPa’s Love Story

I sat down to talk with my grandparents about how they met, fell in love, and got married. We hit the 45 minute cutoff point without wrapping up, but talked about how they navigated conversion to Catholicism, family tensions, and...

Bobby and Vennetta Gray: 3/30/2019

Today we interviewed our grandparents about their lives in Alabama, my grandfathers military service in Germany and 33 years working for the railroad, raising 2 children one of whom had a serious medical condition and we talked about how they...

Interview with Catherine Long

Me and Catherine Long sit down and discuss life as the daughter of a rail road worker and facing the adversity of helping her husband fight through MS.

Victor Stiller and Ethan Tripp

Victor Stiller, 66 years old was interviewed by his grandson, Ethan Tripp, who is 19 years old. We talked about Vic's childhood in New York, life in Phoenix, Arizona, and his thoughts and values as a whole.

Cyane Lowden and Roy Reynolds

One Small Step conversation partners Cyane Lowden (77) and Roy Reynolds (76) share stories, experiences, and perspectives from their respective and abundantly lived lives.

Alba LaFiandra

“Young women can succeed if they find their niche, and are realistic about their abilities. Just go for it.” Picture a house at the top of a hill where the beautiful Esopus Creek below provided opportunities for swimming, fishing, and...