Patricia Stewart and Jack Stewart

Patricia "Pat" Stewart (81) speaks to her husband of 61 years, Jack Stewart (81), about having 7 children together, communicating openly throughout their marriage, and co-authoring a book about their experiences as parents.

David Weitnauer and John Weitnauer

David Weitnauer (60) interviews his father, John Weitnauer, Jr. (95), about his life. Mr. Weitnauer talks about growing up in Atlanta, his wife Peggy and raising their four children, and his career as an executive for retail, stores such as...

Annie Fineman and Beck Fineman

Spouses Beck Fineman (42) and Annie Fineman (37) talk about their nontraditional journey to forming a family. They talk about the challenges they face as a queer family and the evolution of the queer community.

Interview with Mom

My mom and I talked about how it was raising me and how I behaved as a young child.

Samuel Harris and Steve Maggiora

Samuel Harris (18) asked 6 questions to Steve Maggiora (68) about who influenced Steves life, his happiest memories, defining happiness, what makes a good life, advice for living the good life and how he would like to be remembered. Steve...

Joseph Singer and Angela Singer

Angela Singer (68) talks about her childhood and shares parenting advice with her son, Joseph Singer (29).

Rebecca Reinmann and Paul Reinmann

Rebecca Reinmann (66) shares a conversation with her husband, Paul Reinmann (68). They discuss how they first met, their move to Wilmington, NC, their children, and things they enjoy doing together.

Madyson Harden and Wyanetta Johnson talking about the past.

Madyson Harden (16) talking with her grandma Wyanetta Jhonson (58) about memories of growing up and raising Madyson's mom. Also some advice given by Wyanetta to Madyson about finishing high school.

Being an advocate for girls: "I'm constantly reminding my children that they can do anything."

In a conversation with Alison, Katie talks about her family, raising girls to be strong, smart and bold, and becoming acutely aware of gender in her role as an advocate for young women in Richmond Community Schools. Katie shares her...

Karen Gabler, Victor Anthony, and Chris Anthony

Karen Gabler (44) interviews her parents, Victor Anthony (81) and Chris Anthony (70), about their careers, experiences, and philanthropic work.

Women’s History Month Interview

On March 27 of 2018, I, Vanessa Khieu, interviews my mom, Vyvy Vo, over the phone due to the fact that she was overseas in Vietnam.

Terra Spears, Amari Spears, and Arius Spears

Terra Spears (47) reflects with her two sons Arius Spears (22) and Amari Spears (20) about their childhoods and her role as a parent throughout their lives. She also talks about how her experiences with racism informed her ideas on...

Cal Turner and Kander Womack

One Small Step partners Cal Turner (51) and Kander Womack (46) discuss their concerns about the state of American society and its impacts personally on their children.

What I would tell my younger self

Liz and Sue are sisters. Liz asked Sue to share thoughts about what she would tell her younger self if she could go back in time.

Nell Schneider #3, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses her graduation from high school, taking and teaching college courses at the University of...