Senior Citizen
December 17, 2017 App Interview

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different changes she has gone through in her life.

“When one door closes, another opens…" (Alexander Graham Bell). My Grandma never looked regretfully upon the closed door.

Clay Campbell (31) talks with his grandmother, Charmian Waggaman (89) about her life growing up in DC in the 1940s, meeting the love of her life Thomas Waggaman, raising three kids, and sharing loving words to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Raising children

I interviewed my partner’s experience of raising children and how it affected their lives today. We also talked about the differences of the raising styles between the Chinese culture and the American culture.

My Interview with papa

In this interview we talked about mostly his life. I tried to ask question about all through out his life not just one part.

Jane Hansen talks about growing up and meeting her spouse, as well as raising her daughter and what she was like as a child.

In this interview, Jane Hansen (75) is interviewed by her granddaughter Siena Lapointe (14) on November 21, 2017. Jane Hansen talks about growing in the Pennsylvania mountains and recalls stories of her childhood. She tells the story of how she...

What I would tell my younger self

Liz and Sue are sisters. Liz asked Sue to share thoughts about what she would tell her younger self if she could go back in time.

Women’s History Month Interview

On March 27 of 2018, I, Vanessa Khieu, interviews my mom, Vyvy Vo, over the phone due to the fact that she was overseas in Vietnam.

Father and Daughter

My dad (Martin) and I (Ella) discuss life and other things.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Grandaddy (Jack Swarthout)

Grandaddy (Jack Swarthout) and I spoke about his experiences throughout his life and how each one has impacted his views and perspectives.

Terra Spears, Amari Spears, and Arius Spears

Terra Spears (47) reflects with her two sons Arius Spears (22) and Amari Spears (20) about their childhoods and her role as a parent throughout their lives. She also talks about how her experiences with racism informed her ideas on...

Donna Hillmann talks about her childhood growing up in Milton, Wisconsin, and raising a family.

In this interview, on November 28th, 2019 in Oregon Wisconsin, Donna Hillmann talks about her childhood on a farm in Milton Wisconsin, her family (siblings, parents, origin) , growing up and raising a family ( husband Friedo Hillmann, children Jeff,...

Ryland Madison and Maxwell Fisher Madison

Ryland Madison (52) and his son Maxwell Madison (14) talk about their relationship to The New Children's Museum, remember interacting with the different installations through Max's childhood, and discuss what the museum has taught them. Ryland also shares memories of...

Interviewing My Father

This interview is a personal one between my Father and I as I learn more about his childhood and the struggles of coming to America.

Stefanie Jochman and Randall Copeland
August 10, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step Conversation partners Stefanie Jochman (35) and Randall "Randy" Copeland (56) talk about their upbringing and how their political values were formed and have changed over the years.

“Tell people you love them”

Donovan, (age 14) interviews Diana Rehner (age 69) his grandmother. Throughout the interview, Diana talks about her childhood and the memories of it. She also talks about her heritage as far as the early 1700s. Towards the end of the...

Being an advocate for girls: "I'm constantly reminding my children that they can do anything."

In a conversation with Alison, Katie talks about her family, raising girls to be strong, smart and bold, and becoming acutely aware of gender in her role as an advocate for young women in Richmond Community Schools. Katie shares her...