Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.

Shawn Sorbom and Mary Sloper

Mary Sloper (78) talks to Shawn Sorbom (28) about going to boarding school at age 5 in Imperial Valley, Californiia, her Croatian mother, and her career as a nurse.

Interview with Mom

My mother’s life was discussed and her hopes for the future.

A Chat with Roomates

Talked a lot about childhood and past things. We also talked about our current lives.

My Moms early ages

In this interview my mom mom explains how life has changed during her times

Papa Dave and Me

This is my grandpa and I talking about his childhood, his life and his view of me.

Older Adult Interview

This is an interview with my grandma, Maria Robles. We talked mostly about the happier moments in her life and she is proud of.

Those Were The Days

Today we discussed my fathers childhood. He grew up in a small town and experienced many different things than we get to today.

Mrs. Power Interview- Alison And Madi
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Madi and I talk about our favorite childhood memories together.

My Heart, My World , My Mommy

We Talked About What She’s Learned In Her Years Of Living And How I Was When i Was A Baby

Grandma interview

We talked about my grandmas childhood and how it was different when she was growing up

Interview for Mrs. Denison

My mom was getting emotional during the interview! We watched the interview after and laughed at ourselves! We are ready for NPR!


My dad told me a lot about his childhood.

Grandma’s Childhood

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and life.

Old memories

Interviewing my dad about old memories, his favorite childhood moment, and building on that

The Good Ol’ Days

Throughout this interview, I asked my mother about her childhood and changes she experienced in life.

Interviewing my cousin

This is my cousin Tariq. He is who I will be interviewing.


My mom is a person who has lived and learned a lot for somebody her age. Growing up in Raymondville, Texas, the customs that were taught to her helped shaped her, and even me, into the person she is today....