Mi madre

In parenting class we have to interview someone about their life. I choose to interview my mom because she always tells me she wish she could hear her parents voice again.

Micheal Passmore talks about growing up in Clearfield, PA

Takes place on December 2nd, 2019 with Micheal Passmore, 48, and Ben Passmore, 14

Brooklynn Wayt and Kevin O’Shea Interview

Kevin was asked about his childhood and some of his earliest memories.

Origin story

The important people and events in my mother's life.

the “mischievous” good child

An inside view on my moms childhood, escpecially her “mischievous” adventures

Interview with Granny

On vacation to see family, and I interviewed my grandmother. She talked about her busy life with 5 siblings and her girl scout troop leader. I don't think of any good follow up questions.

English assignment

We talked about a many number of things about his memory of his family. His memories of me and our family. We talked about his childhood and early memories. It was not as bad as I thought it would have...

Hailey Roberts Interviewing Carolyn Carleton

In this interview we talked about what childhood was like for my mom and what she was most proud of.

Interview with Uncle Richard

In this interview, I talked with my Uncle Richard about his life. We discussed his childhood in the sixties, his career, and the most important life lesson he’s learned: the fulfillment parenthood brings.

My mama!

I interviewed my mom and how her life turned out with being a single parent

My dad

I interview my father about his childhood and memories. It was interesting to learn new things about my own dad.

Grandma on oct 12, 2018

My grandma told me about her life growing up as well as after she got married.

An Interview with my Mom- Tammie Willenbrock

I ask my mom about her life growing up and get past and current goals and aspirations.

Recording – 11-23-2023 15:57:25

Today I was interviewing Mike Nasrallah, He is my grandfather, Mike is 85 years old. some of the things we talked about were (tell me what you and your wife's happiest moments were together and tell me about your parents...

Daughter Asks Mother
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Adriana asks Mireya about Mireya's youth and old memories about her teenage life and her life now.

Interview with my mother

This interview is based on my mother’s life & goals

German teachers short stories.

Favorite memory in Germany. Why she came to America. Would she go back to Germany. Favorite memory with husband.

Father Daughter interview

I interviewed my father about his childhood, growing up in the inner city of Los Angles, I knew that he has had some struggles. I interviewed him with the intent to record his trials and achievements.