Childhood memories of my grandpa

This interview was recorded on December 1,2019 in Los Angeles California. I interviewed my grandpa who fifty-seven years old. He talks about his childhood in Mexico and how it affect him as a person. Mexico is where he was born...

PC 1 Interview

I asked my mom a few questions about things that have impacted her life.

All About Ashley (AAA)

Talking about the good and bad times of Ashley through her eyes

The Life of my Mema

In this interview, I asked my grandmother a series of questions about her childhood and best moments in her life as well as hardships in her life. She also gave advice to listeners.

Interviewing my aunt : Maya Mansour

I’m interviewing my aunt, Jenny. she’s the closest to me out of all of my moms relatives.

Service Learning Project

Asking my mother questions about her experience from an a child till now.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom talked about her memories:proudest, favorite, worst and so fourth.

Narrative Interview

Helping people who felt the struggles of the Corona Virus

Small but Feisty

If you tell Jerry Anderson a secret, he will never reveal it, but he’s happy to tell you even the most embarrassing things about himself. Brianna and Anderson 14, interviews her grandpa Jerry Anderson. The interview took place on November...

Chloe on Dance, Friendship, and Future
June 7, 2022 App Interview

Chloe, 14, and Clare, 13, have been best friends for over a decade. In this interview, they reflect on their funniest memories, and also their futures.

Getting To Know You

There are many people you’re going to meet in your life. You may never know how similar you are to another person until you take the step and say “Hello.”


Interview with Jasmyn Arroyo (Sister) and side star Andrew Raulerson (Sister’s Boyfriend).

Interview with Grandma

About my Grandmas life and what she experienced

Interview with Robert Andrews my grandfather and rocket scientist.

The first of three interviews with my grandfather. This one we talk about early years, Mom Mom, college, WW2, and Influencial presidents.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I (David) ask my mom some questions that I didn’t know the answer to. I learn a lot from this conversation with my mom.