Pandemic Interview with Abbie & Jason (Dadda)

My dad (Jason Bitomske) and I interviewing one another regarding our personal lives and also our lives during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Quarantine with Grandma Cac

We will be talking about what Catherine Harrignton thinks about the corona virus and quarantine. She looks at how the quarantine affects herself and others. She shares her views on what is going on around the world right now.

Covid from a nurses perspective

My mom, A nurse working at Sutter Health Santa Cruz, reflects on her perspective of Covid 19 and her experiences working through the pandemic. We talk through how her perspective changed throughout the rise of Covid, her and her peers...

Narrative Interview

Helping people who felt the struggles of the Corona Virus

Corona Interview

Talked about the epidemic for an APUSH assignment.

Interview with my uncle

Doctor talks about how his journey has been with Corona virus

Corona interview with my dad

I just did an interview with my dad to see what he thought about this quarantine.

Corona Effects

This is an interview of three college aged roommates during the COVID 19 pandemic, and what their views are one what’s going on in spring 2020.

In this together

Just some fun recording with my girlfriend for an assignment