Thanksgiving listen-Oba

Oba talking about her life in Japan and in America

Camille Reed interviews Diane Fagan

Grandma Diane goes over some key memories and provides some wisdom for the future.

A life too long to remember

Lydia is a woman who has bewn through a lot but still has a heart full of kindness and a lot of love and laughter to share.

MCM Interviews

I interview my friend of over 20 years, Jessa Wapner. We talk mainly about her childhood memories and lessons. I unlock a memory I forgot I had.

Thanksgiving Listen w/Papa Don

Don Nolan, 74, talked about his early childhood and his lifelong career. He also revealed one of his "cowboy" stories.

Memories from My Grandpa’s Past

First I asked my grandfather about his childhood and his upbringing. He talked about the school systems back in Iran, as well as growing up in a family of six. When I asked him about some early memories of school,...

The Life of Baltazar Rayo

Here are a few questions about my father, Baltazar Rayo who came from Mexico at 14 years old. I’m very proud of everything this man has done for me, and he is truly an inspiration to me and my brothers.

Moments through life with my big sister!

This interview was about two sisters in Pineville, La taking a trip to “memory lane”! This talk included conversations about childhood, current jobs, influences, and impacts on daily life during a pandemic! This interview was very interesting, it gave me...

Thanksgiving interview
November 25, 2017 App Interview

In this interview conducted in November 25 in Chicago Illinois Ava Hesse (13) interviews her grandma Elizabeth Hesse about what it was like growing up when she was younger. Elizabeth talks about some of her earliest childhood memories and what...

Interview with my mom

Random questions asked about what she’s thankful for, what she’s most proud of, things like that

Grandmother’s interview

We talked about my grandmother’s experiences throughout life and their brief outlook on the world.

Korean Life from Grandma

Grandma interviewed about childhood, Korean Culture that she experienced, and her immigration story.

Interview with my dad

My dad’s life as a kid, a teacher, and the best father you could ask for.

My mothers story

My mother talked about her life and her childhood. After asking her personal questions about her past, she began to shed tears remembering what she lived through to give us everything. Towards the end of the interview, Both of my...