Vance’s Memories
December 1, 2020 App Interview

Vance answered questions that were provided by his niece Carolyn about his early life.

Ronjanae’s childhood memories

Ronjanae discusses what it’s like growing up.

Matties life in PA

This is about Matties life in PA verses VA. How much her life changed/didn't change, and who she misses.

Life on The Moutain

I got the chance to sit down with my mom and talk about her unique experience living in a secluded part of the Santa Cruz Moutains

Dad – Memories

My father shared about some the influences in his life (and mom chimed in some). Also a bit of a recap of how they met and the beginning of starting their life together + a fair share of just memories...

Fiona Vernal and Isalena Gilzene

Friends, Fiona Vernal (47) and Isalena Gilzene (45), have a conversation about growing up in Jamaica, immigrating to the United States, motherhood, and education.

Meeting a Friend

I interviewed Catlyn about her life. I got to know her as a person.

Interview for Communication

An interview of my mother, Giti Nassery, for Speech Communications.

Great thanksgiving interview
November 30, 2021 App Interview

Talking to my gug about her life growing up

Interview 11/28/21

This interview was with my Nana the oldest of my family members. We talked about childhood memories and stories from her childhood.

An interview with my grandfather

Talked about important and happy memories of my grandfather.

Zoe interviewing her grandpa

Zoe goes to interview her grandpa and he talks about his life over the years.

Interview with Jennifer DiCostanzo and her life experiences…

Jennifer DiCostanzo talks about her life experiences from the 1970s and 80s and how it shaped her career in real estate, sharing stories and advice that she learned along the way.

Werner and Thelma Deterling Interview

Werner and Thelma Deterling talk about their life stories and knowledge they want to impart to future generations.

David Green and Emma Crall Interview

How Dave’s family ended up in Ohio and his special memories as a kid.

Tiffany Cunningham and Kendall Cunningham

Tiffany Cunningham, 41, talks to her daughter, Kendall Cunningham, about her life growing up. Tiffany talks about her childhood and family life. I asked my mother a few things that I was wondering about, that we have not talked about...

world history

I interviewed my boyfriend about a hardship he had to go through during his childhood.