Little Sister

I asked my little sister questions about her life and she told me about how fun it is to be a kid. She also asked me questions and asked for advice when she grows up.

Mom Part 2 (sibling #15)

My mom and I caught up again over the phone. Just as southern states are beginning to reopen the virus is reaching our family like never before but my mom believes that her faith and military experience will carry her...

Moments through life with my big sister!

This interview was about two sisters in Pineville, La taking a trip to “memory lane”! This talk included conversations about childhood, current jobs, influences, and impacts on daily life during a pandemic! This interview was very interesting, it gave me...


We talked about general meaning full question

Interviewing my Great Aunt Judy

In the interview we talked about how life was like for my great aunt growing up and what she enjoyed about it. I asked her about what her life was like with her sister who had my mother very young....


Just a quick interview with my seven year old sister. The ten years between us have made us close.

Communications Assignment

I interviewed my 11 year old sister Mayling. I asked her basic questions about her, nothing too deep but it was a very special moment for me to get to know her thoughts and experiences.