The Heart Of Thanksgiving

Reflecting On Life and Giving Thanks

Sisterly chats (w/my sister-mom)

I asked my sister about our childhood and what it was like growing up with me and about her life as a kid.

Interviewing Grace

I chose it interview my sister, she is a current high school student and I wanted to see what she was thinking about school wise for the future.

Kate and Ally Interview

Interview about Kate’s life and our relationship as sisters

Drew’s interview

I ask Paris questions about being

Leadership video

Interview on my sister megan

The great thanksgiving listen

What Tiana Garcia was thankful for. What she wanted to be remembered for.

How would you like to be remembered?

I talked to my sister about how she would like to be remembered.

StoryCorps HOTA Project

I interviewed my older sister about various aspects of her life for a HOTA project.

Interview with Bubby
November 20, 2022 App Interview

Here, I interviewed my Bubby Miriam Twersky (grandmother- age 71). She told me about her childhood, how she met my grandfather, her job, and places she has lived.

You complete me little munchkin

My little sister Yulissa shares her dreams and goals with me.

My sister and I discuss her travel history and future
October 24, 2022 App Interview

My older sister and I talk about my sister's travel over the years. We mainly discuss where she's been during childhood and adult years and where she'd like to go now.

Storytelling for personal influence

interview with my sister in an effort to establish a deeper bond of friendship

My Grandma Gigi’s childhood.

I am Daniel Mueller and I am 14 years old and I took this interview with my Grandma Gigi who lives alone nearby and she has dementia. We took this interview in my house after thanksgiving dinner on November 23,...

Sister for life

My cousins life and how special our bond is that can never be separated

Crearse con padres inmigrantes

Hermanas hablando sobre la experiencia de crecer con padres inmigrantes

Ethnographic Exercise Interview

I decided to record my sister Madison on her overall beliefs that are related to religion, god, researching/interviews for religion. It was a good interview to get a sense of her ideas and how the differ from others.

Jasier and Jarlin 2

Jasier interviews her sister Jarlin about her life experiences.

Sister Interview

This was an interview of her life and the key points that she is thankful for.

Interviewing Katie Marshall

This is my interview with Katie Marshall about her life