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Interview with Mom

This was an interview with my mother and I about our past experiences with life.

Roomie to Roomie

I interviewed my roommate to get to know more about her since we have become really close and really good friends. I wanted to get to know her on a deeper level and give her a chance to tell me...

A Conversation with My Mom

Today me and my mom talked about her life and her parenting. We also touched on her vocation in life.

Communications Final with Jacques Gendreau for Lisa Raser

Today I talked to my dad about his time moving to the US and working here, as well as his perception of myself and my siblings. I appreciate how passionate about working hard and potential he is.

Dylan Knowles Interview: Talks on Faith, Predestination, and more!

In this interview Dylan and I discuss his views on faith, predestination, and more religious topics!

Amelia and Grammy (Dianna)

I interviewed my grandma, and asked her about her memories and her favorite things.

Grandma & Granddaughter

My grandma and I walked through all parts of her life.

Auntie Julie’s Life

I talked with my Aunt just about her life and what she’s learned throughout the years. She talks about how she’s been living her life and how she gets through the tough times.

Interview Comm 1000-Lorena Villa

Two sisters that didn’t grow up together catch up and reminisce childhood memories.

Motherhood: Lessons from Generation to Generation

My mom, Shirin, grew up in an Iranian-American home, then suddenly lost her mother when she was 14. We talk about how those experiences shaped her and her perspectives on motherhood.

Interview With Pock

This is an interview I conducted with my grandpa Pock for a communications class assignment.

StoryCorps Interview Assignment, Charlize Sedgwick

I interviewed my dad. Asking him some heart-felt questions, while throwing in some fun ones as well.

Jake and Frank have a talk pt1

First part of our talk where we dive into franks life and his hardships he has had during his life.

Dora Duran Interview

An interview with my grandmother about her history and life

Roomie Chats

I sat down with my freshman roommate, Berlin Lema to talk about college life so far, our experiences together, and our future goals!

Sydney Jones Interview with Dad

I had a conversation with my dad about his life and what it was like growing up in a small town in Arizona.

Interview with my dad about life :)

I (Natalie Unis) I terries my dad (Matt Unis) about his experiences throughout life and how that has shaped him. We started at the college years and moved up until now, him being a coach, teacher, and father.

Interview with Aaron White (my little brother)

Here’s a interview of my brother and I from December 2021! Enjoy our conversation and hopefully us from the future can get a laugh out of this!

Thanksgiving with grandma Kathy

Sydney asks her grandma about her childhood experience and advice about enjoying life.

talking about motherhood and relationships with my mom

in this interview, my mother and I talk about how it is to be a mom, what marriage is actually like, happiness, and relationships.