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A Great but Pressured Childhood

A summary of this interview is that college isn’t for everyone you can go make a living and become an entrepreneur and many more occupations if you have the right mindset without a college degree. Although you shouldn’t have any...

A teenager’s reality
September 6, 2019 App Interview

Interview with John on being a teenager in 2019

Talking with a New Friend

I sat down with a new friend that I met at college, and we talked about topics from our childhood through the future.

Lauren frederick and justa ordoñez talk about the journey to the u.s

In this interview conducted of September 2018 in Bronx Ny Lauren Frederick interviewed her mother justa ordoñez about her experiences growing up and coming to this country. She shares stories about school, dreams, expectations and how it was raising children....

What it’s like ~Kallie

Kallie talked about her room and the ways it makes her remember past people, emotions and feel pain. She talked about how she gets pain in her room when emotions flood her head yet there are the things in her...

Thanksgiving 2017

We talked about the realities of life.

Kasey Madden and Brian McGill

Kasey Madden (35) and Brian McGill (50) find commonality from opposite coasts, sharing similar feelings on being raised Catholic and moving away from organized religion, community service, worries about societal and political divisiveness, safety for women and trans people and...

The Life of a Baker

Shelby LeCoq describes her life as a baker and how she became successful.