Football with Jordan

Jordan and I talk about his favorite things, how faith has supported him, his school, and his family.

Grandad Atha: Seventy years beyond me in age and many more in wisdom
December 30, 2022 App Interview

James William Sr. Atha (87) is interviewed by granddaughter Emily Atha (17). Known to others as JW, Jim Willie, and Jim, James tells of his childhood memories and of the lessons he has learned from a blessed life.

Interview with Luly Almeida

I (Francesca Mestre, 17) interviews my mom (Luly Almeida, 50) on May 7th, 2023 on a Sunday afternoon. We spoke about her childhood, past relationships, raising her 4 kids and how she met me. We also touched upon traditions that...

Nani ji moving to India and her experience with Operation Blue Star
May 21, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, Nani ji (grandmother from mom’s side) talked about her experience of moving to India at a young age, how her parents’ death effected her, and the effects of Operation Blue Star on her. This interview was conducted...

Remember Where You Came From

Always remember where you came from and live a faith filled-life.

The World According to Eden

Eden's view of Living and Learning and Loving

Journey of faith

My father, Tim Wegener, talks about stories from his past, family, and faith.

Deanne Yellam & Charlene Boyd

Deanne grew up in the area and knew of Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount), but it wasn't until her parents needed assisted living care did she understand what was so special about The Mount. She loved the care her...

Sarah Hale and Erik DeVriendt. Urban hope in the former Confederate capital.

Sarah Hale (54) and Erik DeVriendt (41) talk about faith, vocation, and how they are thinking through and responding to social and racial injustice in our city and nation today.

William (Bill) Monti and Beth Moeller of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County: How serving others keeps life on a positive path

In honor of National Senior Citizen's Day, 80 year old Bill Monti of North Salem sat down with Beth Moeller of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County to share wisdom about building resilience learned through a life of love, success and...

Grandma Marilyn

In this interview, my grandma, Marilyn Vanderfeltz, tells us about her life. We learn about her childhood, her true love, her faith, etc.

Faye Brown and Sarah Padgett

Faye Brown (74) talks about her faith, her family, and her cancer diagnosis with her new friend, Sarah Padgett (24).

Randy White and Ryan Jacobsen

One Small Step conversation partners Randy White (65) and Ryan Jacobsen (42) talk about the importance of community engagement and their commitment to both urban and rural Fresno.

Ian Eddy and William Mullings

One Small Step conversation partners William Mullings (61) and Ian Eddy (36) discuss how their fathers were the most influential people in their lives, what being a Christian Conservative means, and how they are both troubled by some views held...

Sophia Quintieri and her grandmother, Michile Stoutenburg, talk about Michile’s life and the lessons she has learned.

On November 23rd of 2018, Sophia Quintieri interviews her grandma, Michile Stoutenburg, about tMichile’s life and the lessons she learned. Michile shares stories about her childhood, marriage, and being a mother to four girls. She talks about her family outings...

Without Faith There Is No Purpose

Mrs. López answers the question, “What do you like the most about your culture and plan to pass on to your children?”

Not Finished Yet – Paulist Fr. Joe Ciccone

Paulist Fr. Joe Ciccone is vice rector of St. Patrick's Catholic American Parish in Rome, Italy. The parish serves Americans and other English-speaking Catholics in the Eternal City. In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Fr. Joe reflects on his vocation...

Cassandra Walker and Jill Henderson

Cassandra Walker [no age given] speaks with her friend, Jill Henderson (57), about her late son Terence, how she remembers him, and how his death has impacted their family.

Autoethnographic Interview ft. Maddy Connolly

In this interview Maddy, a senior at Branham High school talks about her journey with Catholicism and how the events in the past couple of years have played a part in developing her faith.

Grandma I. Interview

This was a very interesting interview and I learned a lot from it.